Building Sequencers, Synthesizers & Music Software For Windows Mobile Devices

The success of Apple’s iOS has led to an explosion of mobile music applications. Microsoft is working hard, though, to make its mobile ecosystem just as vibrant – and just as much a player in the area of mobile music making.

This video captures an hour-long session at Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference that focuses on building mobile music apps: Sequencers, Synthesizers, and Software, Oh My! Building Great Music Creation Apps for Windows Store.

Here’s what speakers Pete Brown and Jason Olson have to say about the talk:

People love expressing themselves by creating music on their mobile devices. This talk will briefly discuss why creative apps are important and how you can build the best music creation apps on Windows.

We will show several of the top music creation apps today using new Windows features, how you can use these new features, and what Microsoft is doing in the future to make the experience even better.

More info is available at the MSDN site.

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9 thoughts on “Building Sequencers, Synthesizers & Music Software For Windows Mobile Devices

    1. Yes, we should have 🙂

      But you’ll find that neither Apple nor Android had MIDI from day 1. It’s just never a launch priority. I know we’re catching up, but I’m happy that we now have a good robust API in there that we can continue to innovate on, though. It’s a heck of a lot easier to use than the older APIs we have for the desktop.


  1. As a .NET developer I’ve always wanted to at least make a MIDI sequencing application for Windows but I really had no idea how to go about it. I’m very excited that MS now has a development team focused on this. With a good toolset I think this’ll get to be a lot of fun.

    1. This, combined with the open sourcing of .net and the Windows embedded announcement, make me think that the new CEO Satya Nadella has much more of clue than Balmer did.

    1. it looks like they were asleep… but remember a larger ship takes a long time to turn around.
      and Microsoft for too long was too focused on corporate – enterprise products only.

      it may be late. but it’s very welcome.

  2. It’s great to see that someone is listening. Pete and Jason have been around for a while now and they have always seemed to be interested in some of the same stuff as me.

  3. Thanks all! (Yes, this is Jason, one of the speakers). It certainly has taken a while to get the ship turned around. There are lots of exciting plans we have in the pipeline and hopefully years down the road we will see this as just the starting point. As all of you know, there’s a lot more work for us to do in this area! We all know just how incredibly good iOS is in this space (and even some of the good movements we are seeing from Android as well). Competition is definitely very good :).

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