What’s the Sexiest Musical Instrument?


Here’s one more reason not to trust corporate news media: CBS News reports that, according to their 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair music poll, the guitar is the sexiest instrument to play, followed by the saxophone and the piano.

The synthesizer did not even make their list. How is that even possible?

off-the-charts-sexy-synthesizerWe think that there are only three possible explanations for the inexplicable results of their poll:

  • “Synthesizer’ wasn’t an option offered in the poll;
  • They asked the wrong people; or
  • The synthesizer is just off-the-charts sexy, so they had to exclude it from their poll, in order to avoid skewing the results.

We thought we should correct CBS’s procedural errors by doing our own poll, including ‘Synthesizer’ as an option this time, and asking an unbiased group of people, Synthtopia readers.

So that you can make an informed decision, here is a random sampling of sexy musicians, with their instrument of choice:

Now, here’s your change to set the record straight! Take our reader poll, below, and let us know what you think the sexiest musical instrument is!

To make things more interesting, we’ve separated ‘Synthesizers” into Keyboard Synthesizers, Modular Synthesizers & Keytars. And to make it a fair and honest poll, we’ve include some of the sexiest instruments of all time as competition.


49 thoughts on “What’s the Sexiest Musical Instrument?

    1. it was a tough call between modular synthesis and theremin. modular is like rough sex, twisting knobs, flicking buttons, sticking things in various holes. whereas the theremin is more like burlesque, graceful, smooth sweeping motions just teasing you and never actually touching…. perhaps I’ve put too much thought into this

  1. Most people associate computer music with computer nerds, i.e. the epitome of unsexiness. Deal with it.

    That being said, I’m not ashamed that I like computers. I don’t give a rat’s ass what “most people” think because I got game and–I play the guitar.

  2. “synthesizer” is not an instrument. it’s a category of sound generation. most of the “synthesizer” players featured here are basically keyboard-synthesizer players, followed by modular synth players, ipad-synth players, etc. Come on synthtopia, you know better!

  3. what i ifnd odd is that the dj mixer is not on the list. because in 2013-2014, this is for sure one of the sexiest instruments.

    1. It doesn’t count when you have to be on molly for it to be sexy. Everything is sexy on molly. Sober people remember that the DJ is probably still living in their parents basement.

  4. Imagine how old a CBS News 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair music viewer is..
    Now imagine the same on MTV
    Now imagine the same on Country Music Television.
    Now imagine the same on BET.

    It makes sense. They would not even be able to spell “saint ssé size zor” anyway 🙂

    1. Most people play the triangle terribly. Just because a five year old beats on one in music class, folks seem to think its an easy instrument. (but definitely not sexy)

    1. As much as I like synths and the whole deal, I have to give you credit on that one. Yes, someone who sings well is unbeatable as far as sex appeal is concerned. I agree here.

    1. Oh and by the way… I vote for something that is not even on this poll as well, but probably the ultimate instrument of them all:

      The Brain.

  5. Has to be the orgasmic sound of the kazoo, nothing else comes close as an instrument of pure seduction. A distant second place would have to go to the bagpipes, one of the few instruments where it’s traditional not to wear any underwear, whilst playing, but also bagpiping men are so comfortable in their masculinity, that they don skirts and place a furry purse over their groin area.

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