FRACT ‘First Person Synthesizer’ Coming April 22

Developers of the ‘first person synthesizer’ game, FRACT, have announced that it will be released April 22 and is now available for pre-order.

FRACT is a musical exploration game. You arrive in a forgotten place and explore the unfamiliar landscape to discover the secrets of an abandoned world that was once built on sound. As you start to make sense of this strange new environment, you work to rebuild its machinery by solving puzzles and bring the world back to life by shaping sound and creating music in the game.

FRACT features an open world to explore and decipher with music-based puzzles, stunning visuals, and a score that evolves as you play. As you progress through the game, you unlock tools to make your own music in the FRACT studio, where you can also export and share your creations with others.

The music for the teaser trailer was composed entirely in the game during a quick ‘studio session’.

Here’s a preview of the FRACT soundtrack, by Mogi Grumbles:

10 thoughts on “FRACT ‘First Person Synthesizer’ Coming April 22

  1. While this doesn’t appeal too much to me, it does seem like an very interesting thing that I would love to see getting a lot more developed.

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