MobMuPlat Update Adds Audiobus Support

mobmuplatMobMuPlat (short for Mobile Music Platform) – a free app that lets you create custom audio software for iOS – has been updated to version 1.5. 

Here’s what’s new:

  • AudioBus integration (input, output, and filter port).
  • Menu widget, to choose item from pop-up list.
  • Button to invert interface.
  • Panels can optionally pass touches to scroll the canvas.

Here’s how you can create a custom app with MobMuPlat:

  • Get the MobMuPlat iOS app
  • Create a user interface in the MobMuPlat Editor
  • Create an audio engine in PureData
  • Drag those two files into the MobMuPlat Documents folder in iTunes
  • Play your app on your iOS device.

Here’s a video intro to MobMuPlat:

MobMuPlat is a free download from the App Store.

If you’ve tried MobMuPlat, let us know what you’re doing with it!

5 thoughts on “MobMuPlat Update Adds Audiobus Support

  1. This. Looks. Awesome. I’ve been an obsessive PD user for many many years and it looks like there is finally a real push to powerful tool out of its shell.

    1. Would it be possible to create a low-latency effects processor with PD? I’d like to make a dual or three band compressor, so I’d need a couple crossovers and some compressors on each band. Does PD offer those in kind of pre-fab hunks of code?

      1. The patches for MobMuPlat have to be made with the Vanilla version of PureData. This requires some workarounds if you start to write your dynamics processor in Pd Extended (which has these chunks of code) or even MaxMSP. On the other hand, quite low latencies are technically possible, if you keep your patch clean. Newer iOS devices will probably be better for heavy “real-time” audio processing.

  2. I’ve been using MMP for a while now and it really works. It’s simple to use and working with vanilla is actually kind of refreshing. The frequency of significant updates to MMP is extremely impressive. MIRA for max is great but you are still tethered to your PC… Of course that means more power but MMP runs natively on IOS… That is more than a fancy control surface.

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