Audulus Now Available For iPhone

Developer Taylor Holliday has release a new version of Audulus for iOS, adding support for the iPhone.

Holiday has updated the UI to accommodate the iPhone’s screen, as demonstrated in the video above. And, while it runs on a device that you can carry in your pocket, it offers the same features and audio engine of Audulus for iPad and OS X, so you can share patches among your devices.

The update is free for existing Audulus for iPad users – and any in-app upgrades that you’ve purchased will work on the iPhone.

Other improvements in Audulus 2.7:

  • Added auto-scrolling when making connections or moving nodes.
  • Improved the in-app documentation.
  • Added help button in the Patch Editor.
  • Added searching in the Patch Browser
  • Added a new UnitDelay node (in the DSP category) which allows single-sample feedback, useful for building your own filters.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • Improved the bug reporting system.
  • Added an exposable Light node (in the Metering category)
  • Added a Select All command.
  • Improved Pinch-To-Zoom gesture.
  • Connection mode can now be enabled by tapping on the connection mode button. Holding on the button temporarily enables connection mode, as before.
  • Added new UI introduction video.

Audulus for iOS (Universal) is now available for US $9.99. Audulus for OS X is currently available at a reduced price, for US $14.99.

If you’ve used Audulus, let us know what you think of it!

16 thoughts on “Audulus Now Available For iPhone

        1. Taylor – as always, thanks for addressing reader questions, it really helps people understand Audulus better and lets them know you’re paying attention!


    That was a very simple, clear and well-done video.

    iOS itself ain’t much without incredibly well designed software like this. That auto pan/zoom thing was super clever.

    What amazing times are these.

    1. I actually did just that recently, a friend brought some traditional Easter hot crossed buns, and when I alluded to the classic tune by that name, a few unfortunate individuals couldn’t recall it. So, I busted out Audulus, loaded the the Welcome patch, and serenaded the crowd with reverb replete thick synth tones of hot crossed buns.

  2. On a more serious note (not that hot crossed buns are a laughing matter), props to Audulus for an epic release! Not being a tablet owner, I’ve been mostly running Audulus as an audio unit Logic, which is great for actually producing music, but being tied to a desktop has limited the amount of experimentation I can do. With the iPhone version, the bar is super low for trying out new ideas. Any that stick, I can bring back to OSX. I finally feel like I have some software on my phone that isn’t just for finding directions or wasting time!

  3. Grabbing this for iPhone tomorrow – it’s a no brainer. Been having fun with new phone, cck, akai mpk mini & animoog synth. Audulus is next on the list & will have the experimental element for my studio use, can’t wait. I’m really int in the midi modulation possibilities & having a modular synth in such a portable device – MAGIC:)

  4. Taylor , it’s probably something dumb on my end – but for the life of me I cannot join the audulus forum…I just purchased audulus iPad. Is there a support email so that I may contact you? The forum sign up keeps suspecting me as a bot? If I were daft punk I might consider it a compliment 🙂

    1. Hey Battd, did you answer “iPad” or “ipad” for the forum question?

      I had to add that question to avoid spam bots. Updating my website now with the support email 🙂

      all the best
      – Taylor

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