26 thoughts on “Multi-touch Sample Chopping Coming To iMPC Pro

  1. I ‘m not sure of the existing version but can this one record audio from an external audio interface? That’d be awesome if I can record audio with my Apogee One for ios and then chop the recorded audio into different pads.

  2. Well with the cpu power of current ios devices l hopeloos they don’t forget the possibility of making a midiworkstation with the mpc hertage. I would like to see a controller renaissance style wich uses the ipad.

  3. I am still skeptical, after getting the handicapped iMPC app, but this will be huge if they get it right and make it a. Full-fledged MPC that ties into iOS workflows.

  4. i dont understand why owners of the normal mpc app dont get it via an update. i mean WE are the ones that got blended by their heritage and got a crappy app. in my case i deleted it on the same day.

    1. it’s shame, that you didn’t like the first one, me neither, but buying an app for 5,99 € doesn’t entitle us for their development efforts for the rest of our lives.

      The silver lining here is, that iPad apps don’t cost THAT much. I actually hope, that this one would be somewhat more expensive(but still a fraction of PC software of course). That way we might be able to expect a bit more robust support. To me iPad apps are more like hardware synths than just software, and while I am not holding my breath, perhaps this could end up being amazingly full featured MPC-workstation, that would not come true other wise.

      1. The thing is though, they were trading on the good name of previous development and proceeded to squander the goodwill of the buying public by releasing something so crippled as to be insulting. Now they want to release a better version; a reasonable course of action to drum up popular support would be to say “hey early adopters, sorry we scammed you with iMPC. Why don’t you upgrade to the new version on us?”

        It’s not a question of entitlement, it’s a question of whether or not you trust the company to deliver your money’s worth after last debacle. I sure don’t!

        1. It’s not like they didn’t deliver promised featured – people just wanted more than what Akai was promising with iMPac.

  5. Hmmmm also sceptical after the epic fail of their first attempt!

    Won’t be buying until the reviews come in and only then if they are absolutely 100% YES this is it!!!

  6. an ipad 4 is far more powerful than any MPC ever made in terms of raw processing, the large touch display should make editing simple….It could be the best Akai MPC ever if they wanted it to be (assuming you plug in some nice velocity and AT sensitive pads via usb converter) I wish some of the major players would develop some serious software even if they have to charge appropriately for it…its funy listening to people criticise 5 buck apps when some of us have bought 500 buck software that never works as advertised!

    1. It’s not the 5 bucks, its the delivery. They should of put this out to begin with and charged appropriately. Nano Studio and BeatMaker had all these capabilities years ago running on iPone 3GS’s and iPad 1’s. Sucker moves will not be rewarded around here. Stand for nothing and fall for anything.

  7. There seems to be this really strong sense of entitlement with a lot of App users that doesn’t exist in any other world — as the cliche goes: if you buy a meal or fancy drink (for the ballpark price of a music App) and you’re less than satisfied you don’t harbor this sense of “the next one better be perfect and at a discount!” .. though that’s Exactly the stance many App consumers have.
    We’re all excited about New Tools and the Next Thing that’ll help us unlock our creativity but App developers aren’t magic elves crafting Your Personal Perfect App As You See Fit — as it’s always been there’s going to be hits, misses and revisions — the 2nd cliche worth mentioning and by far the most important one: stop blaming the limitations of technology for your own creative frustrations and dive in to the cornucopia of dirt-cheap tools abounding us and Make Something Great.

  8. ^^^^^ the sense of entitlement comes from …

    ” iMPC is the first app to bring all the functionality of a classic Akai Pro MPC to your iPad. ”

    Hype – minus delivery = bollox + anger

  9. Does the ImpC pro have the audio export bug that is in the current impc, and will you ever fix the audio export bug that is in the current impc, and being that the audio export bug was the first bug brought to your attention in the current impc, and being that several ‘tickets’ have been submitted within your tech support for the current audio export bug that is in the current impc is there any chance that whomever is in charge of reading the ‘tickets’ about bugs that might be in the current impc like the audio export bug that is in the current impc has some how missed all of the tickets regarding the audio export bug in the current impc ?

  10. not really interested but would love to see them get it right and shove it right back down the necks of the gutter mouth trolls who write on the slate before they have tested the product. to me this looks like a product responding to the criticisms of it predecessor, give akai some credit for perseverance.

  11. Agreed re. Pricing – app prices are very low and I would much rather pay $30 for something that works than $10 for something that doesn’t!

    Also agree about the potential here, it could be amazing — just have to wait and see I guess 🙂

  12. 1. Original companies like Akai and NI would never build full feature soft for IOS. That cuts in big time to their profits.
    2. I just bought the impc for $6.99 – and I am sure I will not get impc pro for less or upgrade price. Damn crooks.

  13. been using all of these since iphone 3… Listen until this actually is allowed to drop in the app store, bar none beat maker 2 is the actual closest thing to a FULL FLEDGED MPC/DAW!!!! It samples, pitches for sound without loosing/gaining speed. It does everything!@ Thatr being said I teach digital media productions off ipads and right now this is the best tie end. It all comes doen to wether you use Maschine or Mpc Studio! I have both controllers and i will always go with the one that allows me to be more creative without pulling out the mac and the controller…

    my two cents

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