Keith Emerson At Moogfest 2014


At Moogfest 2014, Keith Emerson performed last night, giving a powerful performance with his band and sharing anecdotes about meeting Robert Moog and trying to get a Moog modular for free (and failing).

As a sign of his enduring popularity, Emerson and his band played to a standing room only audience, though his performance was scheduled at the same time as Krafwerk’s.

Emerson delivered what the audience came for, shaking the Diana Wortham Theater with the monster modular sounds of Lucky Man and Fanfare For The Common Man

No instruments were harmed in the performance. But, if attendees expected just a little bit of synth wankery, Emerson left them satisfied:


Here is a collection of photos from the performance:

keith-emerson-moogfest-03 keith-emerson-moogfest-01 keith-emerson-moogfest-08 keith-emerson-moogfest-07 keith-emerson-moogfest-06  keith-emerson-moogfest-04 keith-emerson-moogfest-12 keith-emerson-moogfest-11 keith-emerson-moogfest-10 keith-emerson-moogfest-09 keith-emerson-moogfest-13

9 thoughts on “Keith Emerson At Moogfest 2014

  1. Lol, just imagine, all those dials, knobs, faders, switches etc can now fit on a bloody iPad:) no point having a cupboard sized synth these days eh?

  2. Did Emo bring out his fire-spitting trouser keyboard? Saw that in ’77 and all I could think was Good-night, nurse!

      1. No fiery shooting out over the heads of the audience? Clearly a case of moogus interruptus. I guess that’s why they call it the blues.

  3. Is anyone filming all these concerts? Cause this one. I definitely wanna see. Looks like Marc Bonilla on guitar too. If so. RIGHT ON for him. That guy is a great composer/guitarist.

  4. Seriously cool. I had to show my dad this. He once took mum to a Yes concert and she fell asleep in the front row – it was a ridiculously loud concert. Bit much for her to take in though I suspect.

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