Korg Gadget Review – ‘A Killer App’

Korg Gadget is a new virtual studio for iPad that features¬†what they call “The ultimate mobile synth collection on your iPad.”

In the latest episode of Sonic Touch, Nick and Gaz take a look at Gadget, and explain why they think it’s a ‘killer app’.

Korg Gadget is available for US $39.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Korg Gadget, leave a comment and let us know your take on it!

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25 thoughts on “Korg Gadget Review – ‘A Killer App’

  1. It is a killer app but it takes a lot of patience and time. Especially for a relatively newer producer like myself. I’m having fun with it though and can’t wait to see what records I can produce.

  2. It is a collection of very simple and basic synthesizers. Boring actually.

    It would have been cool before Audiobus 2, but now iPads have enough power to run handfull of actually interesting synths, so I think this one missed the market by a year or two. And it is far too expensive as well.

    I would have preferred to see an expansive Synthesizer from Korg.

      1. I love them!

        And that is the reason I am disappointed in this. I would love to see more synths like them, instead of bunch of these simpleton preset synths.

        To me it is vastly more fascinating to sequence a bunch of synths like MS20 and Polysix, than these limited matchboxes. Sequencing them is super easy, but once the sequence is running, the adventure has only just started and you never know what treasures await inside the engines. To me the sounds give musical insipiration, and the new born music insipre tweaking new sounds. A vicious cycle, that doesn’t happen in Gadget.

        1. What I would’ve really liked is a way to integrate other Korg apps like iMS20 and iPolysix inside Korg Gadget.

          But its pretty hard to do these things on the ipad because no one is allowed to make/use plugins of any kind.

    1. Horses for courses I guess but i found it a pure joy to work with. i think it sounds brilliant, it’s easy to use, kept me busy for well over a month eventually releasing an album of material using only korg gadgets. Best ¬£20 I ever spent! Add a sampler to it and an eq on every channel and perhaps a landscape version and with audio tracks supposedly in the pipeline Im thinking an IAA / audiobus routing into gadgets and it will probably be even more of a ‘killer’ app than it already is.

      1. It is joy to work with, and it sounds good too. But,

        It is also joy to work with your favorite sequencer and a bunch of versatile synthesizers, with what you can make your own sounds, that also sound great. I, for example, prefer to use 4pockets Synergy for sequencing MS20, PolySix, Thor, Z3TA+, Nave etc. It is simple and easy to work with, pure joy actually, sounds great, and the synthesizers never stop giving new sounds, sounds that are mine.

        I guess, iPad is not starving for new synths, and Gadget surely is its own thing, but I would have preferred a new robust synth in my arsenal. I’d pay twice more for a Monopoly, than this.

    2. I would pay $20 just for the CZ-style synth module. Shoot, I’d pay $200 for that single module in hardware. Sounds absolutely amazing.

  3. In my opinion, this is literally the best production app I have ever used for the ipad….. And I’ve used a lot of them! The touch midi is fantastic, as limited as they may be, the modules are amazing, I cannot say enough about this little powerhouse. For my purposes, this rocks! You can also, very neatly & easily export audio so for me, it’s just a great way to start a track. Korg kicks ass!!!!

  4. Simple and brilliant. Great app for scratching out deas and having a good time. Larger more complicated software and hardware synths have their place, and harder to scratch out ideas on….

  5. The feature that really has inspired some great tunes for me with gadget is the automation . I find myself automating subtle tweaks to my mix. Great app from Korg!

  6. It looks like a super cool app to me…
    However I like to tap stuff in a lot and the latency is a show stopper for me. I have an iPad 3 but I understand theatency is bad on iPad Air as well? The first iPad app I have tried with latency…. Hope they can fix that….. Would love to use it.

  7. You can set the latency under system settings on your iDevice. The app when installed defaults to medium latency but can be set to very fast which is very responsive on iPad 2.

  8. I love it. Did a lot of songs this fawm with it only. Nothing else. Its the perfect packave for someone like me who wants to produce songs, not sounds. You have everything you need for electronic music in a neat package. Export to dropbox and master somewhere else and done.

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