Giorgio Moroder – Plugged In, Turned On & Creating Musical Magic

This vintage video promo features Giorgio Moroder, ‘plugged in, turned on & creating musical magic from thin air and solid state electronics’.

The video is promoting Moroder’s 1979 digital release, E=MC2.  As the narrator notes, “Aside from a drummer, the music is strictly Moogs, memory banks and Moroder….” The album was described as the first live-to-digital album.

Watch out for some great vintage gear and some epic shades.

via Buzz Bee

4 thoughts on “Giorgio Moroder – Plugged In, Turned On & Creating Musical Magic

  1. I do not doubt about his ability to write hits, but isn’t he overrated in the electronic music field? all this kids (and older kids;) calling him ‘maestro’ or ‘the inventor of techno music’ etc… with all the respect, he also wrote really shitty stuff (german schlager and 80/90ies pop for instance) so if he is a pioneer how can people like can or pink floyd be called?

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