Xynthesizr Update Adds iPad Support


Developer Yuri Turov has updated Xynthesizr to version 1.2, introducing an iPad-specific UI, custom morph area, variable velocity per step and more.

Xynthesizr is a 32-step matrix sequencer/synthesizer with generative features and MIDI.

Here’s a demo of Xynthesizr in action:

About the demo:

  • 00:00 Xynthesizr on its own
  • 00:40 Synced to MoDrum and using internal synth
  • 01:50 Synced to MoDrum and controlling Animoog, Thor and Thumbjam.

Here’s a summary of what’s new in Xynthesizer 1.2:

  • iPad-specific UI
  • Ability to select custom morph area
  • Variable velocity per step
  • Pattern shifting and flipping
  • Note names display
  • Optional linear mode for knobs
  • New presets

Xynthesizr is available in the App Store for US $5.99.

3 thoughts on “Xynthesizr Update Adds iPad Support

    1. It is available worldwide. You may want to check the spelling if you’re using search function, or to simply use the direct link.
      If this doesn’t help, maybe there’s some glitch in the App Store.

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