Moogfest 2014 Circuit Bending Challenge Finalists

This playlist documents the finalists in the Moogfest 2014 Circuit Bending Challenge

This year, Moog’s circuit bending contest challenged entrants to take a battery powered device and circuit bend it into an instrument capable of creating new and unique sounds for a total budget of $70 or less.

7 thoughts on “Moogfest 2014 Circuit Bending Challenge Finalists

  1. I don’t believe that any of those items shown will cost less than $70 in new parts. The challenge was that the device should be something that can be reproduced by anyone for the same budget. Saying “pots and switches I had laying around” doesn’t count as $0. Also, it had to be something available in a retail store – not stuff you got at a garage sale or on ebay.

    Some cool creations though 🙂

    1. Thank you, someone agrees with me! seems like the judges sort of looked the other way because the inventions were so cool, but it seems the “rules” were just mere “suggestions”.

  2. Love seeing a company that made a gold plated synth , trying to claw back some credibility by getting down with the circuit bending people.

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