Z3TA+ For iPad Update Delivers Improved MIDI Options & More


Cakewalk today released a free update for Z3TA+ iOS that delivers significant MIDI and performance enhancements.

Here’s what’s new in Z3TA 1.1:

  • MIDI Learn mode offers multiple continuous controller assignments or multiple continuous controllers per assignment
  • MIDI Learn save, load, and clear configuration functions
  • Improved MIDI Channel selection (Omni as well as channels 1-16)
  • Multiple MIDI input selection
  • Clock Sync for tight rhythmic integration with other instruments and systems
  • MIDI input indicator lights for visual feedback
  • Manual localization in French, German, and Japanese
  • Onboard X/Y Pad integration with more factory presets

Here’s a video demo:

Pricing and Availability:

For current Z3TA+ iOS owners, the 1.1 update is a free download from the App Store. For new customers, Z3TA+ iOS V1.1 is available for $19.99 on the App Store.

If you’re a Z3TA+ iOS user, let us know what you think of it!

13 thoughts on “Z3TA+ For iPad Update Delivers Improved MIDI Options & More

  1. This update focuses on well-needed MIDI functions, but overall, Z3ta+ for iOS is a mixed bag. And what’s wrong with it kind of ruins what’s right with it.

    * it’s a powerhouse synth, versatile and brilliant
    * huge array of good presets, (though, limited musical tastes/styles)
    * hands-down best mod matrix of ANY iOS synth
    (includes, range, curve, and 2nd depth control source)
    * versatile and powerful arpeggiator (best of iOS?)
    * smart pitch bend can constrain bent notes to a specific scale–
    but, oddly, this doesn’t work with on-screen bender (only via MIDI in)
    * logical and versatile effects section (reverbs are a little weak)

    THE BAD:
    * the interface is crammed onto 3 pages where it does not fit. WHY??!!
    This IS the worst feature of Z3ta+ for iOS. Period.
    Many settings are so tiny as to make editing an absolute misery.

    * want to tune the synth to -1 cent? press the microscopically tiny
    tune field 99 times, because it only increments in +1 increments,
    so you have to go up to 50, then wrap to -50 and up from there. Erg. Dumb.

    * no tuning maps on iOS version,
    I can understand why, but it would’ve been cool
    to have THIS synth be the one that has ’em.

    * the little keyboard control panel deserves its own thumbs down for
    putting very important settings into the tiniest possible 1.5″ squared section,
    with unworkably small fields to tap in.

    * the worst kind of support system imaginable. send your feedback, bug-reports,
    requests, suggestions, into a silent abyss. .. .. ..

    BOTTOM LINE: I really wanted this synth to be successful. Gave them 4 out of 5 in the app store and some benefit of the doubt. I will still hold out hope for an improved version some day. But I guess I won’t hold my breath. If the spread the GUI out over more pages and listen to feedback on how the thing works and fix what is broken, it will be an IMPORTANT iOS synth. As it is now, it’s half-baked.

    [In the meantime, I’ve been developing a renewed appreciation for Addictive, which has moved into my #1 favorite synth spot. I’ve also developed a deeper appreciation for Thor which has the best interface of all the iOS synths I use.}

    1. Thanks Stub for telling out loud what I told the same way about this app: It’s the worst UI I’ve always experienced on a touch device. They never took in consideration how the user will interact with this app on a touch system…
      I wrote a comment on the appstore about this, sent message to the support team to no avail…

      Imagine how it could be frustrating to try to use this app on an iPad Mini, I tried and moved the app to the last page of apps, the page of doom, the page from where no apps have ever comme back! (Creepy uh?)

      Hoping they will hear our demands because I do really want to use it, really…


  2. It is awesome in every way.

    And I wasn’t even impressed by it, when I had the VST version. Now, that you can touch the parameters, the amount of sounds I have already made( I almost feel like they were given to me) easily breaks my sounds\synth record. I really fell in love with it.

    My favorite synth of them all.

    1. universal soldier would you do me a favor and respond to stubs post above about the synth, I don’t have this one yet but was interested in it and the items he mentioned are the exact things that concern me, with your post making it sound like the two of you are talking about two different synths I’d really like to get a consensus of what is really going on with this one?

      the clapper is greatful for your insight

  3. Can you transfer patches from the iOS to the desktop version? That would be super useful. Especially for those with RSI, like me, anything to get me away and making sounds away from the keyboard and mouse is a huge benefit.

    1. People were transferring patches from the desktop version to iOS as soon as this was released, so I’d be surprised if you couldn’t go in the other direction. Just need iFunbox or similar….

      1. Yes, it might be available using a “back door” method like iFunBox. Unfortunately, not through iTunes file system, or any other official means.

        I don’t know what all the differences are (lack of tuning tables is the only one I’ve noticed from reading about the desktop version)– I don’t know how different the file system might be. It could be that for any missing features, the file just zeros out that field.

        I don’t use iFunBox, but if someone does, they could pull out a user preset and post it so others can try to load it on desktop version.

  4. I don’t have the desktop version, but I did check the manual for the iOS version and there is no mention of that capability or function.

    1. Thanks for that info Stub. That’s too bad, that would’ve been a great feature even if transferring only worked from ios to desktop (as I imagine the ios version is more feature limited).

  5. This is quite an impressive synth, especially on a mobile device. I agree somewhat with the above poster that there is a lot packed into this UI, but on the other hand there is a lot to show as this is a deep instrument. In the end I think it’s less frustrating to find a few fiddly small controls than it would be to endlessly drill up/down through pop out menus for all the different functions. If anyone is on the fence, i’d say get it.

    1. Hopefully folks will be able to “calibrate” their expectations, with some honest criticisms.

      And I completely agree about drilling down, but with 1-level & tabs, ultimately the time for that one tab-tap would be bought back with much quicker and easier work within that page.

      It would make things much easier to see and work with if they spread things out and enlarged them. Here’s a possible tab structure:

      TAB 1: OSC & FLTR

      TAB 2: EG & LFO


      TAB 4: ARP

      TAB 5: EFFECTS (the effects page is great, not crowded at all)

      Two extra screens, two extra tabs, and all is well.

      1. I am very satisfied with this layout, and I found no problems using these controllers.

        I am not against optional layout, but I think this current setup is optimal for most people/fingers.

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