14 thoughts on “Intro to Synthesis 2014 – The Building Blocks the Sound

    1. Bus is a system that transfers and regulates signals. Buss is a family name, in particular of one that makes fuse boxes. It can be confusing.

  1. This video is already being wasted on the uninitiate. Still, it’s worth a chuckle. Like watching a yappy little dog wind its lead around the legs of a posh babe right next to a big mud puddle. It’s almost too much to hope for.

  2. I’ve been using synths for a long time now. I thought I knew my way around them but I’m having a hard time mastering the advanced two finger method. Any tips.

    1. i think he uses something like a software “sequencer” probably in an “app” or so

      dont know ipads, its probably a gag and he isnt playing it at all.

      upejiator probably (dont know how to write it though ^^)

  3. Lost count of the number of times I laughed so hard I couldn’t hear what he was saying. Very well observed. Back to work, unfortunately that will keep bouncing about in my head, making me chuckle to myself, distracting me from knowing ifI should use one finger or two when creating my drum patterns.
    Let me watch it again, so I can quote him properly.

    You have to move them around. You can tell he’s practiced it for years to be that accomplished.

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