Live Modular Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live synth jam by Koichi Shimizu & Voranat Voraphitak, recorded live at Stereo Bar, Bangkok.

Technical Details:

Elektron Octatrack is sending MIDI signal & clock to control modular system (using Pittsburg Modular MIDI2 for MIDI/CV convert). Modular’s audio outputs are fed into Octatrack’s input A/B & C/D to add extra modulation and effects by using Through Machines, also using Flex Machines for realtime sampling. OT is also sending MIDI to Analog Four to sync start/stop and pattern changes.

Using Elektron Analog Four for pads, bass lines, hats sound etc, also controlling Modular system by using CV A/B to control pitch & gate, CV C/D to control Make Noise Phonogene Rec. pulse in & Varispeed. Modular’s outputs are connected to A4’s external input for additional filter, delay and reverb.

2 thoughts on “Live Modular Synth Jam

  1. This was amazing! I’m intrigued by modular synths, but I must say that most of the time I’ve ever seen one in use it was just some guy wanking off with some quirky sequence. What a rich and brutal arsenal of sounds on display here coupled with some nice sequencing. Well done gentlemen.

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