17 thoughts on “Arturia Beatstep Review

  1. Another helpful review.

    One thing that wasn’t covered here was the knob ballistics that was mentioned on the other thread. If each tick of the knob is equal to incrementing 1 cc value, then yea, how many rotations would that be to get 127 range? And if there is a 14-bit mode, then perhaps that would increase more problematic.

    If the scaling of the knobs is not implemented, then that’s gonna be a rough feature to try to use for some things.

    1. Yeah, the knobs don’t work properly – the option to change their turn speed does not work, so it takes 8 or so rotations to go from 1 – 127. More annoying, Artutia historically take a REALLY long time to fix problems in their gear – I think the mini brute is still waiting for its first update and thats well over a year šŸ™

      1. Although, if the knobs do work smoothly (not skipping steps) that would be useful for being able to get the exact setting I’m after.

        In the knob settings they could include RANGE, RAMP (essentially a click:value ratio), and ACCELERATION (with the three promised settings). Then they just need to implement it. Sounds like that will be a long time coming. Too bad.

        Still, because it is versatile as a controller, is cheap, and has presets, it is tempting.

        1. theres a max patch that allows for custom scaling values of knobs – but that obviously requires live and computer connection. i find the device overall very pleasureable for cv+gate sequencing.

  2. I keep coming back to this thing. I definitely do not need it but it looks like a lot of fun. I also keep coming back to the microbrute and the iconnectmidi2+.
    I just got a tr8 so that’ll curb the gas for a bit.

  3. I preordered one back in February. It is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. I’ll check back in once I’ve had a chance to text it out.

  4. I got mine the day the shipment arrived at my distributor. Love it, already thinking about a couple to scatter around the studio…

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  6. I got one and for 99ā‚¬ it’s a cool little box. It has USB MIDI, DIN MIDI, and CV/Gate with an internal sequencer that locks to external clock very simply. If your not a fan of keyboards, or you already have a keyboard or you just really like simple analogue style sequencers then I would recommend trying it out. What Nick didn’t mention is the surprisingly robust feel of the device. It looks like one of those cheap korg MIDI controllers but it feels solid. You can use it with Modular equipment, an iPad and to control external Midi synths or soft synths. If you are making electro, techno, synth pop or anything that’s uses simple sequences I think you would be happy with it. It doesn’t do everything but for the money it does much more than I expected.

  7. Apparently, the Beatstep is good as a basic step sequencer, but a piece of shit as knob controller for daws and plugins.

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