K-Sounds Intros ‘Incredibly Playable’ Epic Grand For Yamaha Motif XF / MOXF & Motif XS

K-Sounds_Epic_Grand_XFK-Sounds presents Epic Grand for the Yamaha Motif XF / MOXF and Motif XS.

Epic Grand features detailed stereo samples of a Japanese grand piano and is, according to the developers, it is ‘incredibly playable’.

The samples were recorded and edited at 176.4kHz, 24 / 32 bits, then converted to Motif-compatible specifications for the final product. A close mic position was used, creating an up-front, studio sound. The stereo image is wide, centered, and mono-compatible. Every note has a generous, natural-sounding sustain.

Two bank sizes are included:

  • The 505Mb bank offers eight sampled dynamic levels for realistic dynamic response across the keyboard. Additional independent elements such as damper resonance, release resonance, and hammer noise samples bring the piano to life.
  • The 126Mb bank includes four sampled dynamic layers plus damper resonance, release resonance, and hammer noises.

Epic Grand’s damper resonance samples are true recordings of the sympathetic string resonance heard when notes are played with the damper pedal down. This resonance is presented as an independent component of the instrument, allowing users to adjust its volume or disable it altogether.


  • Close-miked samples of a Japanese grand piano.
  • 8 stereo sampled dynamic layers (505Mb bank).
  • 4 stereo sampled dynamic layers (126Mb bank).
  • True sampled damper resonance.
  • Release resonance samples.
  • Hammer noise samples.
  • Big “studio” sound with modest sample memory requirements.
  • Wide stereo image.
  • Mono compatible.
  • Fully programmed for the Motif XF / MOXF and Motif XS.
  • Designed to be ‘incredibly playable’.

Epic Grand is now available for the Motif XF / MOXF and Motif XS. Additional formats are available. For more information, see the K-Sounds site.

2 thoughts on “K-Sounds Intros ‘Incredibly Playable’ Epic Grand For Yamaha Motif XF / MOXF & Motif XS

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