Gestural Control With IK Multimedia’s iRing

IK Multimedia has released a series of videos that demonstrate the use of their new $25 iRing gestural controller with several iOS music applications.

The iRings work with the cameras in iOS devices to sense the position of your hands and translate gestures into control over music apps.

In the above video, iRing and the iRing FX/Controller control Loopy HD and Korg Gadget, using Audiobus, iRing FX/Controller as MIDI controller and iRing for motion-based gestures. 

Here’s an example of a gestural ‘synth jam’ using iRing and the iRing FX/Controller, with Loopy HD and Korg Gadget, using Audiobus,

Here’s a demo of iRing being used to control audio effects in DJ apps like DJay 2 and iKaossilator, using IK Multimedia’s iRing FX/Controller app:

Below, iRing is used to control IK Multimedia’s GrooveMaker 2 app:

The video below demos iRing controlling IK Multimedia’s DJ Rig DJ app:

The next video demos using iRIng to control your Mac:

This video shows how to use iRing with Ableton Live:

Two IK iRIng apps are now available in the App Store: iRing Music Maker and iRing FX Controller.

A free iRing software development kit is available for developers interested in integrating iRing support into their apps.

28 thoughts on “Gestural Control With IK Multimedia’s iRing

  1. sorry, but this demo makes the app look silly. Why would I wave around my hand 12-18 inches away from an iDevice that already has an industry leading touch screen that is extremely expressive and responsive on 10 points of x/y dimension and has (I think largely untapped) potential for another 3-axis control with the accelerometer.

    and yes, there are apps that convert accelerometer input to MIDI, but I haven’t seen one that really makes innovative use of the extremely responsive hardware.

    1. Why you would use your hands for motion control in this fashion:

      1. You have your hands somewhere else (an instrument?)

      2. You are a DJ and want a less boring and more flashy “choreographed” type of show?

      3. You want a third dimension of control instead of just what the touch element offers

      4. Yes, some may just think it “looks cool” to use it on stage or wherever (see #2)

      There’s also an SDK so feel free to get creative if you are so inclined.

      1. Thanks for your reply!

        1. the iRing uses your hand also, I’ll be fine with a quick swipe on-screen
        2. OK, but not my use case scenario.
        3. refer to my mention of 10 points of x/y control on-screen
        4. Also OK, but not my use case scenario.

        really though, the screen and accelerometer are amazingly accurate. To me it is a disservice to make people think that “innovative” MIDI control needs some new hardware device.

        Can anyone recommend any MIDI software that is really tapping into potential of the iOS hardware that is already built in? Lemur definitely takes the lead in software-based tricks, but I’m thinking there is plenty of room for innovation in multi-touch and accelerometer inputs.

  2. Had a look at the first video.
    Looks cool but… It takes roughly 2.5 minutes – to someone that knows exactly what steps are required – of setup before something is happening. Looks like an inspiration killer to me.

      1. Interesting! Do your diy rings work? I’m wondering why the previous commenter says it’s not implemented yet.

            1. What I really wanted to try was the sensibility, precision and latency of the ring controller, compared to a theremin for example (which I play).

              I try it in a store some day, but I think you would’ve won points with a printable demo (even if limited to a few apps).

      2. Also, our apps have been top apps for years on the App Store as we’ve been innovators in iOS music from the beginning. Apple just used two of them in a huge TV ad (plus our iRig PRO three times in it) not to mention on their billboard ads in the past and other TV ads. I know you are frustrated since you can’t get the product working but please don’t project that onto our apps in anger or to try to hurt sales because that doesn’t seem very nice. And we do have people willing to help you. Thank you.

    1. Both apps work with iRing right now, we wouldn’t release them or the rings themselves if not. We’ve been doing this for a while, we know what we are doing (and yes this is our work but your made up scenario was amusing at least). You must register them for it to work, so please do so and you do know we have a support team willing to help if you have issues, right? They can be reached at I am sure they can help you.

    2. Okay so since you literally copy/pasted this exact comment to Discchord (or vice versa) I paste my exact response from discchord as well. I’m not a fan of IK personally, but you’re an idiot since:

      “The software is the usual, bloated, IAP-laden IK junk”
      “seeing as their apps all come in poorly”
      “Too bad, these guys suck!!!”

      @Planned Obs so you knew all that about IK and their track-record and yet you still bought the product before it was even released? You might want to evaluate your purchasing habits.

      I will add that you clearly just spent $25 so that you could be one of the first to trash talk a company. That’s a whole new level of Troll.

      Have fun blowing money on crap gear just so you can tell people how crappy it is.

  3. IK gets a lot of slack from a lot of people.

    I have liked their SampleSynth app very much…on the flipside I think they dropped the ball in a major way by not having user imported content from the get-go with their GrooveMaker app. The Novation Launchpad app beat them at that, with a product more elegant and less bloated I might contend.

    As far as the hot button subject of IAP: I have said it before and I’ll say it again…it’s not like the video game side of things where you can become the best by pouring money into the game or you can “upgrade” your avatar to look cooler or whatever. At least with most synth/music making stuff you can play around with it first, decide if it IS worth your money, and if so, ipad the upgrade fee for functionality.

    Some companies get pegged for punishment and IK (and Retronyms) seems to be just that kinda company…I don’t recall Moog getting an avalanche of slack when they added the IAP for a 4 track or midi output for their stellar Animoog.

    Anyway, IK should get major props for trying new and innovative (even if some things are not someone’s cup of tea) solutions for peripherals and what have you. They also seem, to me a least, to be quite positive in supporting products from competitors. If you receive their IK email newsletter every now and then, they are always spotlighting other synths and music solutions for the IPad.

    1. Note that you don’t have to buy any IAP for iRing FX/Controller to control other apps like Loopy HD and Korg Gadget, with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio support (see we really do support use of other apps/products with ours!) as shown in this demo video: and we also have the tutorial video for this on our YouTube channel as well (in fact we now have 12 new videos for iRing, iRing Music Maker, and iRing FX/Controller and many deal with controlling other apps – note we also have an SDK available which is posted in the article above).

  4. One more thing, I like them because they’re an Italian company…if you look at it from that perspective then IK is up there with Seil and General Music…why do goofy, quirky companies come from Italy? Now I am just having some fun…Italo forever!

    1. Sorry had to down vote you there, I’m Greek and since you biased your view with petty nationalism, I also biased my down vote with petty nationalism and resentment for Italy 😛

      1. Hey Kicktheboot…I’m not getting into nationalism with my post. If anything, I am giving props to a folks in a country other than Germany, Japan, Sweden, Holland, USA, England for being in the synth game! Now if I were to wax about Synthmaster being from Turkey…well, then I would see your downvote being warranted as angry. Peace to Greece and someday I hope to visit the incredible country of many of my friends. By the way, I am from the United States, and not ashamed of it. Given that, I expect a record number of downvotes now.

  5. This is really interesting to me, but the basic applications that they have available now seem more for general consumers, rather than synthesists and and professional musicians.

    I love some of the things that are happening with the leap motion and GECO – especially the example on YouTube that shows a film composer that using gestures to help with orchestration. It seems like this should be able to do things like that, so I’d love to see some more advanced demonstrations!

    1. Did you see the videos (there are 12 new videos) about controlling Traktor and Ableton Live on OS X and Loopy HD, Korg Gadget, djay 2, GrooveMaker 2, and DJ Rig on iPad? You can send MIDI so that’s got pro users in mind. There’s an SDK also, so the potential for almost any use you (or a developer, if you are not one) can imagine! Seems like far more than you give it credit for.

    1. They worked at the time of your first post (there were people who had them as soon as the apps were available), and they worked with the apps you were able to download on the App Store as soon as the apps were available on the App Store. Seems you probably just had a registration issue and our support team could have helped you directly had you chosen to contact us instead of copy/pasting a quite irate and insulting post across every site you could find.

    2. Also, I don’t believe calling me a name is anything but another personal attack and you should actually just admit you were wrong without resorting to such measures.

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