Sequence 8 – A Euro or Standalong 8-Step Sequencer


Synthrotek has released the Sequence 8 8-Step Analog Step Sequencer.

Completed Eurorack units will launch first, and they say that kits will also be available in a month or so. The step sequencer is designed to work in a Eurorack modular or standalone, with wall or battery power.

Here’s a demo of the Sequence-8 in action:


  • Eurorack or 9V battery or wall plug
  • 8 Steps with high-gate output per step
  • 3 CV Outs, each with their own attenuator, 0-5 volt output.
  • Clock Input and Output
  • Coarse & fine clock adjustment
  • Switchable linear ‘random’ function with speed adjustment
  • Momentary & Hard Hold Function
  • Manual Step Button
  • Internal/External Clock Switch
  • Reset Input Jack
  • 20HP
  • Current draw is 20mA

The Sequence 8 is priced at US $200. See the Synthrotek site for details.

6 thoughts on “Sequence 8 – A Euro or Standalong 8-Step Sequencer

  1. 200 for 8 steps? EHX make something similar at half the price. Im not often negative here but for that price I want 16steps

    1. I also think 200 is kind of ridiculous for only 8 steps. Arturia’s key lab provides 16 step sequencing cv/gate for half the price along with many other features.

      I guess the big difference is Arturia’s product doesn’t look as cool and modular.

  2. EHX have a sequencer with clock in, reset in, random function, per step input, clock out and 3 cv controls? where can you buy it?

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