Drum & Bass With Modular Synth & Robot Drummers

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via , captures a drum and bass jam that features an automated drum kit and other percussion, playing together with a selection of vintage and new analog synthesizers.

All the sound is being generated in real time, the analog synths are coming through the main rack mixer and the robotic percussion being recorded by microphones.

Technical Details:

Main gear used: Modulars: Roland System 100m (sub bass), Roland System 700 (basses), Doepfer system (stabs and atmospheric sound).

Other Synths: Yamaha CS-10 (more basses), Studio Electronics Omega 8 (chords and atmospheric sound), Korg Monotron Duo (more basses).

9 thoughts on “Drum & Bass With Modular Synth & Robot Drummers

  1. For a robot, that’s some really loose timing. I enjoyed watching it more than I did listening to it.

    1. I believe it was somewhat for the novelty and less to show off the actual composition. Nice to see all that hardware in action.

  2. Lol!! 😀 i know this was meant as a serious project and obviously needed much gear and prep work. But it has a bit of humor. Thanks! i needed a good laff. Cool stuff. Very inspiring. Maybe the next one can have those robots from Beck’s “Hell Yes” video dancing to the music. Good work!

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