Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition Preview

This video, via Nova Musik, takes a look at the new Moog Sub 37 paraphonic analog synthesizer.

The Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition is a limited edition paraphonic analog synthesizer built on the award winning Sub Phatty sound engine. Its panel features 40 knobs, 74 switches, and has a dedicated LCD display, placing each critical sound creation element and live performance tool quickly at your command.

The Sub 37’s new features include Duo Mode, which allows oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 to be played independently, programmable arpeggiator/step sequencer, two modulation busses with assignable source and destination options, access to 256 presets, and a 37-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch.

The Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition is priced at $1,579. See the Moog Music site for more info.

22 thoughts on “Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition Preview

    1. I wouldn’t hold you breath. The sub37 panel is filled up with buttons and knobs and text – no way are they going to squeeze that into 19 inches.

      1. Actually they’d have to squeeze it into 17″.
        A 19″ rack unit includes an inch on either side for the mountings.

  1. so much for the bass end sound…. nice bass in the advertizing man’s VOICE as he drones on yet he is fine with a completely nasal uninspiring sound for the actual SYNTH they’re trying to sell. Moog should really try to control the sound quality standards that advertizing people use for THEIR products. it just makes things sound like crap! why would anyone get excited over synth videos with no synth sound on display at all in them? do people really care for videos full of talking?

    1. Why are you demoing a synth if you can’t even play a lick? Sonicly that demo was trash, but I still want an bigger brother for my Sub!

  2. Yet again a sub 37 review with the audio being processed by an additional device. What, the sub37 doesn’t sound good on it’s own? Just seems dodgy.

  3. Got excited when I first read link, then realized I had already seen this video. I search “sub 37” on YouTube far too often. Can’t wait for my preorder..

  4. what is so “limited edition” about the Tribute version? is it the fact that its black? is that all?

    1. Really? You don’t understand what Limited Edition means? It’s “Limited” due to the number of units they are making (1000) of this particular “Edition” (black faced, Bob Moog Signature Tribute Edition). Amazing how people can’t use even the most basic of critical thinking skills any more…

  5. mine has been pre-ordered since February. Just a heads up to anyone interested: There is a huge line for these. My shipment date has been pushed back 3 months in the last 2 weeks to late July. If you don’t want to wait till October, get in line.

    Same with the Elektron Analog Keys, but mine already arrived. Those are slowly hitting the states in small batches.

    1. THIS is why I take exception at making $95K copies of KE’s synth.
      Moog is a tiny company and doing crazy expensive one-off synths takes away resources from making lower end synths for regular folks like you.

  6. Why the down-vote? I thought people might be interested in knowing their “shipping soon” orders might take longer than expected. The ETA on that was last month. Sweetwater now tells me that Late June to early July is the soonest these are arriving, and that I probably won’t be in the first batch of orders. I pre ordered mine in February!

    1. > Why the down-vote?

      Because this is Synthtopia, which to my mind has actually surpassed YouTube as the most knee-jerk, no-filter, caustic commenting community on the internet, or at least worst I regularly visit by a huge margin.

      I couldn’t possibly put less stock in the opinions expressed or the up/downvoting activity by regulars on this site, and I wouldn’t suggest that you or anyone else do so either. I can’t remember the last time I ran across any useful information or thoughtful opinions in a comment thread here, if indeed it’s ever happened at all.

      1. For someone that “couldn’t possibly put less stock in the opinions expressed”, you sure write a long post expressing your opinion.

        Be grateful people post here and share ideas with what they like and don’t.
        You can always skip the comments, but I’d rather visit here than the comment-bare graveyard that is Matrixsynth now.

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