Audiowerkstatt Intros MIDI Clock shifter


Audiowerkstatt has introduced MIDI Clock Shifter – a hardware controller that lets you move your MIDI-slave as many MIDI-clock-ticks as you want forward or backward, relative to the MIDI-master. A 7-segment-display shows the direction and number of MIDI-clock-ticks, the MIDI-slave has been moved.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

A tool, for on-the-fly correction of a MIDI-slave, that is not reliable or to push a loop, that is not recorded in a rhythm, to that rhythm. And a tool to have fun with playing around with two sequencers and do things like e.g. going slightly forward and backward with one of them.

You can set whether only the MIDI-clock and MMC commands (start, stop, continue) are sent or the MIDI-data, received at the MIDI-in, will be mixed with that.

The MIDI Clock Shifter is available now for 149 EUR.

3 thoughts on “Audiowerkstatt Intros MIDI Clock shifter

  1. very useful device,

    I have two drum is onboard the electribe, the other it a flame six in a row that in turn sequences a drum module…there has always been a perceptible difference between the two because of the extra midi hop… this could be great to correct this.

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