Synthmania Intros Roland TR-8 Editor For Mac, Windows

Synthmania has introduced a Roland Aira TR-8 Rhythm Performer editor, as a standalone and VST version for Windows 32/64 Bit and Mac OS X.

This video demonstrates setting up and using the editor within Cubase.

Here’s what they have to say about the editor:

Most of the parameters are implemented and you can change these within your DAW. Be sure you´ll have a lot of more fun with the editor.

The MAC and Windows is now available and you can purchase the Roland TR-8 Editor for only 15,00 Euros via PayPal. You get the editor for both operating systems in one package.

After receiving your payment you´ll get a link to the download within 24 hours.

The Roland TR-8 Editor is available via the Synthmania site.

If you’ve used the editor, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

11 thoughts on “Synthmania Intros Roland TR-8 Editor For Mac, Windows

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  2. interesting..
    It controls the TR-8, which is not interesting (you can do this with an external instrument template from Ableton more easy). Playing the hardware is much (!) more fun.

    Does it record your actions on the TR-8 into your DAW? That is the million dollar question! As this is where Roland is holding out on us..

  3. I own the tr-8 and it’s a lot of fun. I cannot for the life of me imagine why ANYONE would want a VST version of it. It’s a dead simple device and all the fun and creativity lies in playing the hardware. In fact, the whole reason for the existence of the TR-8 is that it IS hardware. If someone wanted a VST version of an 808 there are about 1,000 options that are way cheaper than $400.
    Unless I’m missing something this is completely retarded.


    1. A vst plugin could access to the tr-8 outputs without changing the main audio interface.
      It could also save/recall your patterns within a daw project (song).
      This would be a MAJOR improvement for people who work with a daws as the central part of their setup.

  4. Unrelated. Does anyone else feel like the 909 rim shot is ridiculously quiet? especially compared to the original. You have to have the kick snare and everything at less than half volume for that RS to really come thru the mix. Hopefully something can be done as its one of my favorite sounds that just doesn’t have the bite of the original.

    1. Dude, seriously. Its so annoying. The 909 Ride Cymbal as well is ludicrously quiet. I emailed the Roland Support yesterday to see if there was an internal way of adjusting the max volume for each hit but sadly not. Can you email them as well, maybe if enough people do they with sort it out in the next firmware update.

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