Floating Metal Key Preview Video

London composer and sound designer Matthew Wilcock has released this preview film for his debut EP, Floating Metal Key. With exploding pianos, levitating ARPs, and voracious plants consuming the built environment, the film, directed by Dan Kokotajlo, is a quick tour through a sonic and visual wonderland.

Floating_Metal_KeyHere’s how he describes the work:

“It’s been a global collaboration centred in London, with artists from Dubai, Taiwan, Sweden, Greece and Australia.

“The preview film is about the concept of the natural versus the manipulated which mirrors the tracks on the EP. 7 short sections x 7 short tracks.

“Of course, it’s all about the definition of synthesis.”

The album is out on iTunes and Google Play. More information is available at Wilcock’s website.


One thought on “Floating Metal Key Preview Video

  1. Very interesting visually, nice but nothing surprising audibly. I wonder, however, if this is example of the new Internet non-neutrality, that Vimeo videos always lag and hesitate while YouTube videos generally play more smoothly. Is Vimeo’s algorithm really that bad in comparison, or is their bandwidth being throttled because they don’t have Google money?

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