The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

This video, by , captures the Will Gregory Moog Ensemble performing at a recent rehearsal.

In the video, the group is playing English Country Dance, from Gregory’s composition, The Service Of Tim Henman.

Will Gregory is partners with Alison Goldfrapp in the synthpop duo Goldfrapp. The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble first performed together in 2005, as part of the Bath Festival, recreating some of the Switched on Bach arrangements of Wendy Carlos.

Band members include:

  • Will Gregory
  • Adrian Utley
  • Graham Fitkin
  • Ruth Wall
  • Hazel Mills
  • Vyv Hope-Scott
  • Simon Haram
  • Pete Rosser
  • Ross Hughes
  • Eddie Parker
  • Simon Clark

The band performs a mixture of specially composed music, transcriptions of classical works, and their own versions of music from popular culture and film scores.

The video was filmed in May 2014 at a rehearsal for their forthcoming shows.

via Sonic State’s Nick Batt

11 thoughts on “The Will Gregory Moog Ensemble

  1. Synth jazz ensembles, chamber orchestras, house bands… so much potential, I hope this becomes a movement!

  2. Sorry but this is absolutely painful to listen to. I love analog synth sounds very much as long as they make music with them.

    1. Agreed, for having so many established musicians involved that was as uninspired as a bedroom “gear test” video and sounded nearly as dreadful.

  3. Vimeo stuttering all over the place, as usual. Very aggravating. I wonder if Google bribes all the backbone servers to choke any stream that isn’t YouTube?
    Why is this called a Moog Ensemble if the first thing we see is a Polivoks, and the majority of the ensemble is everything but Moog? Maybe they started out as all Moog all the time, but I think the name is a little confusing now.
    Sounds really good, though. Not an extraordinarily unique composition, but sounds good.

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