ThumbJam Gets Massive Update

thumbjamSonosaurus has released an update to Thumbjam, a performance-oriented instrument for iOS.

The update adds Inter-App Audio support, AudioBus 2, AudioShare, and a variety of performance options.

Thumbjam is also introducing a variety of features designed to allow much more complex virtual instrument to be built and played on the platform.

Velocity layering support has been added, and new instruments taking advantage of the feature will be available as in-app downloads. The app has also enhanced its MIDI options, allowing for MIDI breath control, poly pressure and more.

Here’s what’s new in Thumbjam 2.4:

  • Inter-App-Audio (IAA) node support
  • Audiobus 2 support, including state load/save
  • Now supports up to 4 screen splits, and up to 8 simultaneously loaded instruments
  • Velocity layering support added (new downloadable instruments coming up that take advantage of it)
  • AudioCopy2 update
  • Added AudioShare export and import
  • Now allows pitch tracking mode in background
  • Added chromatic or white-key-only MIDI scale lock option
  • Special MIDI NRPN support for handling realtime scale changes via MIDI (for use with the app KeyIn)
  • Added MIDI breath control (CC2) options (volume and filter cutoff)
  • Improved channel and poly pressure support
  • Show all-notes-off button when instrument sustains on release (for damping)
  • User presets are now alphabetized in list (so renaming can control ordering)
  • Fixed up monophonic patch playing via MIDI
  • Fixed sample loop crossfade issues
  • Fixed continuum mode in landscape orientation
  • Fixed issue with VoiceOver and menus
  • Fixed longstanding attack envelope consistency issue

Thumbjam is available for US $8.99 in the App Store.

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  1. TJ has been one of the best music making apps for a long time. This update ensures it will be so into the future as well!

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