Thereminist Lydia Kavina & The ‘Sensation Of Swimming In The Sound’

This mini-documentary, Sensation of Swimming in the Sound, takes a look at Lydia Kavina, one of the leading performing musicians on the theremin.

Kavina is active as a performer, composer and teacher. You can see examples of her performances via her YouTube channel and her site.

Sensation of Swimming in the Sound is a film by Mélodie Monet.

via Mark Mosher

One thought on “Thereminist Lydia Kavina & The ‘Sensation Of Swimming In The Sound’

  1. I had the very good fortune to meet Lydia at the first “Hands Off” theremin convention some years ago. A lovely lady, very friendly, patient and down to earth, as well as a brilliant player. I think I was the only one there using a Digitech RP guitar effects pedal with my theremin – now I spot one in her setup. I’d like to think that I gave her the idea…

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