Arturia Updates Minibrute Firmware


Arturia has released MiniBrute Firmware Version 1.0.3, a free update for MiniBrute owners. 

Here’s what’s new:

* Arturia MiniBrute Firmware Update V1.0.3 *
* April 2014 *

116314: Can not Start on MacOSX with a guest account
114150: changing Midi In channel fixed
114304: compatibility with Ipad
114317: Arpeggiator does not retrig LFO in LFO retrig mode
115427: crash when long sysex are received

Compatibility with MiniBruteSE.
114256: Local ON/OFF supported.
116227: added octave -3 setting (by pressing octave – one more time).
116249: Tap tempo detection enhanced.
Added CC support for MiniBrute Connection parameters (see user manual).

Download the update via the Arturia site.

35 thoughts on “Arturia Updates Minibrute Firmware

  1. I don’t understand what mean Added CC support for MiniBrute Connection parameters, does it means that the Minibrute can now receive and send midi CC ???

    It would be really interestng to know

    1. I don’t think so. What they mean is those under-the-hood settings in the editor that you can’t change from the panel. BTW microbrute already had that – so I mapped params like gate length and sequencer tempo sync divider to my x-station and can change them quickly without connecting to my laptop.

        1. Yup, totally! Other neat applications of it were mapping volca beats drum part levels to faders and getting a TR-8 interface at no added cost and also controlling gate length/slide time on volca bass – cool two parameters that add even more variation in the patterns.

          Last, I was driving a microbrute with x-station arp few days ago, made a pause, and then heard this enormous bass, which, well, shouldn’t have been coming from my brute – because I remembered I had its master volume turned down. After three seconds of confusion I thought “no, it just can’t be coming from anything else – it’s this kind of bass only analog can do; must be micro…” only to find out this sound was coming from my not analog at all x-station! This kinda really has blown me away, especially when you look at my desk and see what my ears are primarily tuned after – I mean, that is stuff like modular synth!


          1. Novation have had their products with issues, but they are largely underrated.

            The Bass Station II is destined to become a modern classic.

            The X-Station has a similar synth engine to the KS series. They’re not the cleanest-sounding VA out there, but I’ve been able to get some monstrous bass out of them, too.

            1. There are some things that the X-Station does well. It’s Sync is great and I love the arpeggiator. And V-Station is a very underrated plug, I use it all of the time.

              And seriously, whomever down votes everything, seek help. Down voting isn’t going to fill the void in your life.

              1. I really feel like the X-Station suffered from the factory presets it shipped with sounding too cold and not displaying the true capability of the synth engine. It is really quite powerful. 3 oscs + noise generator, 2 independent sync LFOs, PWM, unison, Amp and Filter Env, + Mod Env + AD env. If you can’t make a fat sound with those elements alone, you’re doing something wrong. And I didn’t even mention the filter overdrive…

    2. The firmware in the Minibrute will never be able to control MIDI CC’s, because it uses analog potentiometers only, and are not digitally controlled in any way. So you wouldn’t be able to store patches, etc.

  2. What is anything with “ware” in the name doing in an “analogue” synth. It’s corrupted by digital. F it.

    1. That’s a silly comment. Nothing made in the 1980s and beyond that comes in a keyboard format would pass your purity test.
      The MiniBrute has an all-analog signal path. Only the most obscure and invisible administrative functions are implemented via software. Just look at those features and fixes. Notice you won’t see anything to do with SOUND on that list.
      MiniBrute is dirt cheap and very analog.

        1. The Monotribe has an updatable firmware. Do you also believe its corrupted with digital and that I’m being paid by Korg?

    2. ill informed opinions as the above make me shake my head. even the prophet 600 has an available firmware upgrade. that board is most certainly analog. so does the juno 106… etc etc.

      i obviously don’t know if it’s the case with the above poster, but I’ve noticed a inverse correlation between experience and eagerness to reject anything that might possibly be digital like it some sort of synth inquisition.

      1. Agreed. But this comment “(…) and may God have mercy on your soul.” is a close one as the most irrational thought here. Bringing your imaginary friend as your closing argument just
        destroyed your hole argument. Respect.

        1. Unfortunately, there’s no magic ‘automatic personal attack delete’ system.

          We err on the side of letting people express themselves, but try to address any comments that are clearly personal attackes.

  3. Local off and iPad compatibility were the two things keeping this from being more central in my setup. Had been using this as more of a sound source than a controller. This is great!

  4. From :

    “We will say it again, MiniBrute’s audio path is 100% analog. Only the arpeggiator and the LFO sections are digital to so as to allow for external synchronization. ‘

  5. Well arturia products are warmly welcomed in my studio. Very versatile synths….

    Keep going Arturia!!

    And I’m not being paid to say this….the products speak for themselves.

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