Controllerism On An Acoustic Launchpad Guitar

This video captures a performance by ZedEppelin (Zoltan Fecs) on his custom acoustic Launchpad guitar.

He performs Solar Solitude live on a hybrid guitar, incorporating looping, finger-drumming, acoustic playing and real-time MIDI guitar layering.

“The Launchpad is such a flexible and amazing partner to Ableton,” notes Fecs. “With MIDI pickups in the bridge of the guitar, I can play any virtual instrument or sampler I want. Alternatively, I can just use the natural tone of the instrument. The knobs on the body control all of that stuff.”

You can find out more about ZedEppelin’s custom acoustic Launchpad guitar at

13 thoughts on “Controllerism On An Acoustic Launchpad Guitar

  1. Pretty awesome. I’ve always thought about doing something like this. Maybe I’ll try to tape the ol Launchpad to my guitar.

  2. I must admit, that was way cooler than I thought it was going to be. Great music, and actually pretty fun to watch. Well done!

  3. this is a Acoustic Guitar….. and Launchpad
    not a Acoustic Launchpad Guitar

    you can duct tape a rat to a pigeon but that dog won’t hunt –

      1. yes i saw that – 9 months.!!!!
        he should have used a launchpad mini , two sided tape and a dremel

        i am not saying he is not talented – wicked talented even

        but 9 months. ..?

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