Waldorf 2-Pole Filter Now Available

Waldorf has announced that the new Waldorf 2-Pole Filter is now shipping, and has released this official tutorial video to introduce it.

The Waldorf 2-Pole Filter is a multi-mode analog filter. It offers a fully analog signal path, built-in modulation, overdrive and more. 


  • Waldorf analog multimode filter
  • Fully analog signal path: Preamp -> Filter -> Overdrive
  • Filter can be modulated by LFO, envelope follower or external signal
  • Preamp with overdrive capability for direct connection of instruments like bass or guitar
  • Post-filter overdrive with adjustable gain
  • LFO with different ranges, rate up to several kHz
  • Envelope follower with trigger section and different modes
  • True Bypass


  • Input Gain with level LED
  • Rectify pot for mixing-in the rectified input signal
  • Filter Cutoff pot
  • Filter Resonance pot
  • Bipolar Filter Env Mod pot
  • Filter Type switch
  • Overdrive pot
  • Activation switch
  • Output Level pot
  • LFO Range switch with 3 positions
  • LFO Rate pot with LED
  • LFO Mod Depth pot
  • Trigger Button with LED
  • Trigger Threshold pot
  • Trigger Hold pot
  • Envelope Follower Source switch with 3 positions
  • Envelope Follower Attack pot
  • Envelope Follower Decay pot


  • Audio In
  • Audio Out
  • Cutoff CV In
  • Envelope Follower CV In
  • Trigger In
  • Power DC 12V

The Waldorf 2-Pole is priced at about 205 Euro. See the Waldorf site for details. 

via Sonic State

10 thoughts on “Waldorf 2-Pole Filter Now Available

  1. Has anyone actually found anywhere selling these in the US? I tried all of the usual suspects (Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater…) and no dice.

  2. Mono?! Seriously? Why use a full track (which would presumably be in stereo) to demo it then.

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