Verbos Electronics New Touchplate Keyboard (Sneak Preview)

This video, via designer Mark Verbos, is a sneak preview of his new Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard.

The Touchplate Keyboard in the video is a prototype. Here’s what Verbos has to say about it:

This is obviously not about the playing. I’m just showing that the keyboard works.

It has a 32 key piano arrangement keyboard with 3 selectable octaves, volt/octave cv, gate, trigger and pressure output, 8 key tunable keyboard with cv, gate, pressure output and a pressure sensitive bender up or down.

It adds that human element to the modules it controls.

Pricing and availability for the Verbos Electronics Touchplate Keyboard are to be announced.

6 thoughts on “Verbos Electronics New Touchplate Keyboard (Sneak Preview)

  1. Been waiting for this. Eurorack has been lacking a dedicated controller from an actual euro brand. Can’t really say from the vid but it would be nice if this was released as a 84hp module so you can stick it in the road skiff. Just waiting for a sprung and unstrung modulation wheel module now.

  2. there are tones of dedicated eurorack controllers from -doepfer make noise , suit and tie guy macbeth and many other actual euro brands

    i guess you mean a keyboard controller ..? there are still a few from actual euro brands mention above

    1. People have been aping moog and roland for years, it’s a good thing that buchla is finally being excepted in such high regard.

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