Three Eurorack Low-Pass Filters Compared

This video, jakobsweb, is an informal sound comparison between 3 Eurorack lowpass filters:

  • The new Aion 904A;
  • The Synthesis Technology E440 (MOTM); and
  • The Macbeth Dual SV filter.

Aion and SynTech have a 24db slope, the Macbeth has 12db and is a dual multimode filter.

Here’s what he has to say about the three filters:

The sound source is the Intellijel Rubicon VCO with 3 of its outputs (saw, pulse w/mod, sub) feeding the filters with a healthy dose of beafiness.

Considering its price, the Aion filter is doing a tremendous job here, compared with the Macbeth which costs about three times as much, the E440 in the mid range. Given its dual outputs the Macbeth filter is the most versatile of them, esp with invertable modulation and jumper settings for resonance intensity.

The E440 is a phantastic all-around, always sound great filter, a touch cleaner I think than the other 2. The Aion is a downright vintage sounding filter. Outputwise it is a little weak – but add some amp and it will blow you away. The Aion has that wonderful vintage creamy coarsness (can’t describe it any else).

Check out the demo and let us know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Three Eurorack Low-Pass Filters Compared

  1. The Macbeth filter sounds most pleasing to my ears. Great range on the sweeps, and the res is very controllable. Tasty.

    1. Agreed. People always bitch about how much gear like MacBeth’s or Moog’s costs, but when you compare them to cheaper gear it’s obvious that you get what you pay for.

      The Aion & SynthTech filters aren’t exactly cheap, either, and they sound pretty damn good to my ear.

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