Arpology Update Adds Drag & Drop MIDI

Sample Logic has released an updated version of Arpology – its Kontakt-based ‘sonic animation tool’.

Here’s what Sample Logic has to say about Arpology version 1.1:

Sample Logic is excited to release a very important enhancement to ARPOLOGY with Version 1.1 update. Now ARPOLOGY is not only an amazing sample library of 550+ instruments and multis spanning all musical genres, but is also a MIDI effect with the ability to transfer Step Animator patterns to any virtual instrument loaded in a DAW. This means you can drive all of your virtual instruments with the creative power of ARPOLOGY’s Step Animator.

In addition to MIDI Drag & Drop, this free update now allows up to 128 steps and contains an on/off button to use the instruments without arpeggiation.

Arpology for Kontakt is available for US $399.99. For more info, see our post on the Arpology introduction and the Sample Logic site.

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