Updated XotoPad For Windows

Feelyoursound.com has released an updated version of their MIDI multi-touch app, XotoPad for Windows 8. The app turns any Windows 8 computer with touchscreen into a flexible MIDI controller.

New in XotoPad 1.2.0:

  • Updated UI look
  • Four new colors to choose from
  • “Always on top” mode: Don’t lose the controller window in live situations
  • “Transparent window” mode: Watch your DAW while you send MIDI events via XotoPad
  • More screen space if needed: Press “X” on your keyboard to hide the settings/load/save-buttons

xotopad_tabletThe app works with any MIDI-enabled DAW.

Pricing and Availability.

XotoPad is available from feelyoursound and costs 29 EUR / $39 US.

3 thoughts on “Updated XotoPad For Windows

  1. Wow, finally something on Win…
    BTW; Something simple as that was available on iPad more than 3 years ago… Oh well…

    1. I’ve been watching the Windows 8 Surface Pro tablet, because it seems like it has the potential to be an interesting platform for musicians. But, so far, Microsoft has done a terrible job of getting developers interested in making music apps for the platform.

      There are almost no great music apps designed for Windows 8, especially when you see the zillions of apps available on iPad.

      I’ve tried apps like Ableton Live on a Surface 8 – which seems like it would be cool. But the usability is terrible, because the UI is designed for larger screens and wasn’t designed for multi-touch. So you can basically poke around in Ableton using your finger as a fat, clumsy mouse pointer.

      If Microsoft could get a couple of companies, like Ableton and Propellerhead, to make real tablet versions of their apps, the platform would be a lot more interesting.

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