Free Impulse Responses From Sound Designer Diego Stocco

diego-stoccoSound design superfreak Diego Stocco, who’s known for going to extremes to create interesting sounds, has released a free collection of creative impulse responses, Percussive Echoes Bonus.

In the past, Stocco has made Music From Sand, Music from a Tree, scored with Hans Zimmer and even built his own orchestra.

More recently, Stocco has been creating impulse responses for creative sound design. His latest set is a free download. 

“Last weekend, I went for a hike near Calabasas, recorded some sounds and decided to create a short cinematic piece,” explains Stocco. “To process the sound, I created a new set of Impulse Responses, out of those sounds I recorded on the hike and give it away for free.”

Here’s Stocco’s audio demo:

Here’s what Stocco has to say about the track and the impulse responses he used to create it:

This is a short cinematic track I made by combining percussive instruments with sounds I recorded on the Saddle Peak hike trail near Calabasas. The idea behind this track was to use sounds both in their raw and processed forms, creating a hybrid of evolving timbres and foley elements functioning as rhythmic counterparts.

Here I used my Rhythmic Processing and Convolution Processing techniques to process each element, and decided to use only Impulse Responses derived from those natural sounds and ambiences I recorded.

FFS // Percussive Echoes Bonus is a collection of 10 impulse responses, specifically designed for the processing of beats, drum machines, real drums, percussions, beat boxing and percussive instruments. You can download it for free or “pay what you want”.

Convolution processing is typically used for creating realistic reverb, and is available as an option in many DAWs. There are also many free and commercial convolution reverbs available. If you’re not familiar with impulse responses and convolution processing, check out our interview with Stocco about it.

If you want to learn how these Impulse Responses are used in Stocco’s track, you can check out the video demo of his FFS // Rhyhtmic Convolutions” set.

You can find out more about his approach to sound design in our Diego Stocco interview or via his site.

6 thoughts on “Free Impulse Responses From Sound Designer Diego Stocco

  1. Sounds very interesting. I don’t know much about impulse responses but I think I may try digging into this over the weekend.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The ‘don’t feed the trolls’ rule probably applies here.

    It’s unfortunate fact, but the Internet is full of persistent d-bags that have nothing better to do than troll comments and vote down everybody’s comments but their own.

  3. Thanks for the mention James!
    If you guys have any question let me know, doing sound design with a convolution engine is not as immediate as using it for reverbs, but if you’re into experimenting with plugins you might find it interesting.

  4. The only problem with these is once you start convolution, you never stop… stop… stop.

    Deadman & Ladydie use these in their corny productions.

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