Bitwig Announces ‘Community Controllers’


Bitwig has announced ‘Community Controllers’, a new section of their website for sharing MIDI controller scripts. 

The Bitwig Open Controller API, an open-source platform, makes this possible using JavaScript, which allows anyone from hardware manufacturers to Bitwig Studio users to create, share, and collaborate on controller scripts.

See the Bitwig site for details.

10 thoughts on “Bitwig Announces ‘Community Controllers’

  1. Bitwig is such a great and easy to use DAW. I hope the will be a script for my Maschine Mikro MkII controller soon, since I left the Maschine software untouched, since I first laid my hands on Bitwig

  2. Loving it too. They are still working on some bugs(quickly and responsively), and missing features but overall it’s a great, logically laid out, easy to use DAW. Super powerful in some ways.

    This addition is cool as they need to branch out into controllers and content.

  3. Let me get this right… So the responsibility of having most of the controllers is on the community, not in the company? hhmm.. Quality control?

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