Synth Jam On ‘The Smallest Synthesizer In The World’

smallest-synthesizer-in-the-worldReader Alan Lauris has been jamming with the new Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared, aka ‘the smallest synthesizer in the world’.

The Pi Lambda Squared is a tiny MIDI-powered duophonic synth. According to the company, ‘no other synth on the market has more aliasing and quantization noise!”

Here’s what Lauris has to say about the track, Slip Out Of Mouth:

This song is completely made with the Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared (or PL2) synthesizer. It’s the smallest synthesizer in the world; it fits in my mouth! (and the word ‘slip’ in the title is ‘PI Lambda Squared’ backwards).

I used it with the Behringer BCR2000 controller. I made a preset for it, which can be downloaded from

The ‘smallest synthesizer in the world’ description is open to debate – but it’s super-small and is actually a pretty flexible synth.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the sound of noisy, aliased sound of the Ploytec Pi Lambda Squared:

Lauris also posted a Youtube video that documents his controller setup:

More music from Lauris is available at his site. You can also download his custom Behringer BCR2000 controller setup (.zip).

The Pi Lambda Squared has a street price of about US $100. See the Ploytec site for more info.

12 thoughts on “Synth Jam On ‘The Smallest Synthesizer In The World’

  1. @RMA I must admit I didn’t manage to swallow it and @zymos and @clemenshawes I also must admit I didn’t do a big research to find out if there are smaller ones, but I think the size-sound ratio is still very very impressive! And I’m really looking forward to using it in more songs!

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