New Music From Giorgio Moroder

giorgio-moroder-themeElectronic dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder – who’s still showing people how it’s done at age 74 – has released a new track, Giorgio’s Theme.

The track is being released as a free download as part of Adult Swim’s 2014 summer singles program, which will be releasing one free digital single per week through September 22.

You can listen to the track via the embed below. It is available as a free download (.zip mp3) via the Adult Swim site.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

You can also view a new interview with Moroder below:

19 thoughts on “New Music From Giorgio Moroder

  1. Where in the world do you need to be to be able to listen to this?
    Not available in Europe and I heard from someone from the US that he couldn’t play it either.

  2. Worked in Australia. Brilliant track…slows down a bit at the end with a second break, but very good.

  3. Sorry but I’m not too impressed with it. Sounds like a composite of the Midnight Express theme and that song from the Scarface opener. Considering it’s called “Giorgio’s Theme” I guess that was the idea. It sounds ok but all it did was make me go back and listen to the originals instead.

  4. I wish my grandpa played this kinda music..
    I find it quite “Moroderesque” as well.
    From Sydney.

  5. I listened to it. From Europe. Not impressed with it. I do not agree with the statement “… still showing people how it’s done…”. At age 74 or whatever is irrelevant. Boring actually.

  6. If a young unknown producer would release this as a free record, nobody would be bothered. Creativity is quite hard to find in this song

  7. Love it! It sounds immediately like classic Moroder, great sounds, a modern mix and not trying to be trendy.

  8. in spite of the many lame EDM producers i see him hanging around with, i like that he has stayed clear of any of their cliches.
    sounds like moroder with simple melodies and thoughtful chord changes.
    not a wub or drop in sight.

    morodor can sound like morodoer, it’s his sound after all.

  9. With all respect due to a pionneer of electronic music and a genious of disco music, it sound like a midifile of midnight express played back with synths presets…..relax Giorgio you can retire now and be sure your music from the 70s/80s will leave in our hearts and mind….but not this track

  10. I think synthtopia will never be satisfied until Moroder gets into a time machine and releases this song in 1978 or earlier.

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