15 thoughts on “Future Chill Synth Jam On Korg Electribe EMX

  1. Great vibe! An Eventide space can sure turn a dull sound into something beautiful. I’m more and more convinced that investing in a good reverb actually pays off.

    1. Agreed! The eventide space is probably one of my best investments. Almost every synth goes through that now! It can turn the crappiest sounding DX7 patch into the most shimmering smooth pad I’ve ever heard. It’s pretty brilliant! 😀

      1. congratulations on your videos – quality stuff.
        one question: the emx sounds very clean here. have you had your tubes replaced?

        keep up the great work.

        1. Thanks Lazer,

          The tubes were replaced using: “Tungsol 12AX7 Tube” that I got through amazon. I must say though, I actually really like the original tubes and don’t personally notice a difference between these and those. I’d caution though that some tubes actually can make it sound worse. Many of my first EMX videos used those tubes and I could hear a lot of distortion and it was somewhat muddy. Those were the JJ ECC803S tubes. I may have just gotten bad ones, who knows!

          1. thank you for the reply – much appreciated.
            i am a fan of the emx and at one point had two.
            there were noticable sound differences on both depending of the tube age/state.
            yours seem to sound less rude and lot more smooth even without the reverb.
            how is the noise floor?
            i have alot of gear but you are making me want emx again. whether using it with a daw or solo, emx is the most solid and fastest bit of kit i used. never ever had a single glitch.

            i am looking forward to more demos from you.

            1. Hi Lazer,

              I think the mixer, the grounding in the home, as well as the tubes play into the noise level. And who knows, some days the noise seems unbearable, but it seemed okay here. I honestly think bad tubes cause a lot of the noise. Also, I use all of the outputs so that I can make the device louder without causing distortion. Mostly, I use the individual outputs for the drum parts that don’t require effects (they are bypassed when you go thru the individual outs).

              The EMX is a fantastic piece of hardware. I think it’s really hard to get into, but once you understand it and accept that it’s not perfect, I think you can have a lot of fun with it!

  2. nice one! just a single piece of equipment plus reverb, not tons of hardware and software. simplicity always pays.

  3. Wow, acemonvw has been tearing it up on youtube lately. Check out all of his recent videos. very inspiring!

  4. Though this is good sounding, and a showcase for the EMX and the Eventide Space, the music itself comes across as terribly “new age” at times.

  5. Acemonvw is one of my favorite people posting videos. His music is always great. Contratulations on being featured on Synthtopia!

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