Strymon TimeLine Digital Delay + Korg MS 20 Analog Synthesizer

This video, via AudioCentralMagazine, demos using the Strymon TimeLine Digital Delay with a Korg MS-20 analog synthesizer.

The Timeline is designed to put a studio-quality delay into an effects pedal. See the Strymon site for details

Technical Details:

The Strymon TimeLine Digital Delay is processing audio straight from Korg MS-20. Several algorhitms under test. No music, just testing delay capabilities.

10 thoughts on “Strymon TimeLine Digital Delay + Korg MS 20 Analog Synthesizer

  1. I’m trying to decide between a Mobius and a BigSky for my Juno 106. Do any of you Synthtopians have experience with either of these?

    Mobius w/ Jupiter 6:

    BigSky w/ Jupiter 4:

    I generally use other things to provide digital effects for analog synths but nothing really beats a dedicated reverb. However, what Strymon has done to juice up common effects in the Mobius is really impressive. The Timeline doesn’t interest me as much because it doesn’t really fatten the sound like the Mobius does and as far as giving the sound space the BigSky is just wow– you can even make huge airy pads with it, almost like having a second synth.

    1. I’ve got a Big Sky and a Juno 106. Haven’t had the chance to have a go with a Möbius but I can say the Big Sky is my favorite pedal. It forced my Boss Space Echo into retirement!

    2. I have a Big Sky (but not a Juno) that I use for various synths and I would highly recommend it. It has become my go to reverb. Lush rich sound and many various modes to give unique textures. I know this sounds a bit like an advert but I really can’t sing its praises highly enough.

      I bought a Timelime solely on the strength of it and thought about the moebius but to me it doesn’t come close to the BigSky.

      1. I have an el capistan and a Juno 60. There is so much noise. Do I need a DI to go into the strymon. When I plug my juno directly into my interface (symphony) it sounds amazing. Maybe I should set it up as a send. I have the ins and outs. Thoughts?

  2. I know the big sky is not cheap , but if your serious about reverb and real time control , this really is the reverb. I have had mine a short while and Wish this thing was out back in the 90s. A great seriously warm reverb, oh and it’s about as deep sounding as reverb gets.

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