New OMSynth MiniLab An ‘Open Modular Synthesizer’ For Inventors


Casper Electronics has introduced the OMSynth MiniLab Open Modular Synthesizer – an modular synth is designed specifically for inventors.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Open Modular Synthesizer is a format of electronic musical instrument that embodies the ethos and technical methodology of modular synthesis but is designed specifically for inventors.

One way this is achieved is by encouraging invention to start at the breadboard level. From here circuits can be built up to robust, road ready instruments. By starting at the breadboard circuits are cheap and flexible and the inventor is free to quickly build and change designs without fighting against a high level form factor.

Here’s a video demo of the OMSynth MiniLab prototype:


  • 3 channel audio mixer
  • 1 Watt audio amplifier and built in speaker and ¼” audio output jack
  • 5 modular potentiometers
  • 3 modular DPDT latching pushbuttons
  • Circuit prototyping area


The power regulator section of the Miniab provides a + & – 5VDC power supply from a single 9 volt battery or wall supply. This power supply level allows for classic analog designs, logic circuits and modern microprocessors to operate on the same voltage. The primary goal is to allow the integration of analog and binary chips such as operational amplifiers and CMOS logic chips.


A small amp and speaker are provided that is primarily intended for prototyping purposes but is plenty loud enough for personal use. An unamplified signal is available from a 1/4? audio jack. Plugging into this jack deactivates the amplifier.


The hardware bored provides 5 potentiometers and 3 latching pushbuttons. This board can be broken off of the power board and placed below the breadboard.

The OMSynth MiniLab was designed especially for workshops. See the Casper Electronic site for details.

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