DIY MIDI Lighting


MIDI Piano Lighting is a DIY project, via , that lets you use MIDI to control lightbulbs in sync with a musical performance.

Here’s a demo of it in action:

While the video demos ‘scrolling’ mode, several options are available:

  • CLASSIC – MIDI notes are mapped to bulbs Cn-Bn mapped to bulbs 1-12, intensity of bulbs is fully on, sustain pedal holds notes of same time, clears all bulbs when released.
  • VELOCITY – same as Classic, but intensity of bulb is controlled by the velocity of the note played.
  • SCROLLING (shown in video) – in this mode, bulbs are lit up sequentially as more notes are played, with intensity of the bulb based on velocity of the note. Releasing the sustain pedal clears the bulbs.
  • AUTOMATIC – Slow moving algorithm that creates a changing visual display in random patterns.

Details are provided at the Instructable site.

via adafruit

3 thoughts on “DIY MIDI Lighting

  1. Too bad his project will be shut down soon by some bureaucrat because he not using CFL bulbs instead, thanks to an anonymous call from his neighbor across his light show 🙂

    1. Incandescent bans are based on sales not ownership. And they’re efficiency based bans so someone could come up with a very efficient one and sell it.

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