Native Instruments Offering 50% Off Updates, Upgrades & Crossgrades

Native Instruments logoNative Instruments is offering 50% off updates, upgrades, and crossgrades through the end of June, in its Summer of Sound sale

Here’s what they have to say about the sale:

The biggest Summer of Sound special ever is here, and software updates, upgrades, and crossgrades are half price.

Get KOMPLETE 9 or KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE for a price too good to miss – with more ways than ever to step up to KOMPLETE 9.

Update to the unrivaled power of MASCHINE 2 software – on special offer for the first time ever.

Or power up your KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects to the very latest version.

The promotion ends June 30. See the NI site for details.

8 thoughts on “Native Instruments Offering 50% Off Updates, Upgrades & Crossgrades

  1. I wanna cry now. I missed out on the Reaktor 5 for 99$ deal, and now the crossgrade to Komplete is only 199$.

    /rolls over in tears

    1. I thought about buying Reaktor @99 too, but after installing the demo I was Kind of shocked how outdated the GUI looked and felt absolutely no wish to spent hours on connecting virtual cables/circuits. I think with all of NI’s products we should Keep in mind how old they are and how updates always come at a price (for instance, the more attractive Razor needs to be purchased separately). Have you seen the massive sale on Machine lately? They seem to be in trouble now that AIRA is available in stores…

      1. Guy complains about an “outdated gui” and then goes on to say something good about the glorified 303 knockoff “aira”… do people think at all.

  2. I bought myself the upgrade for Christmas (from Komplete 7); I think you get much more for your money if you miss at least one version.

  3. Smoking awesome deal for those who want a “massive” (pun intended) synth and sound playground. $75 to upgrade from previous version of Komplete is great deal. I don’t think they are in the least bit in “trouble” or “worried by AIRA” … (LOLOL!)…

  4. this sale just made me soooooo…….. happy! just got the maschine upgrade and komplete ultimate using my cross-grade from guitar rig 5 (that came with my guitar rig kontrol), with priority shipping for under $500cdn. should have komplete in hand by tuesday, can’t wait!!!

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