Stream Aphex Twin’s Unreleased ‘Caustic Window’ LP

Back in 1994, there were plans for releasing an LP of music from Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, under his “Caustic Window” moniker on his own label, Rephlex Records.

This album, though recorded, never saw the light of day. Only 4 people at the time were known to have a vinyl test pressing of the album – Richard James, Chris Jeffs (aka Cylob), Grant Wilson-Claridge (co-founder of Rephlex Records) and Mike Paradinas (aka µ-Ziq). Each person was sworn to never make copies of the music, and for 20 years, the LP little more than a rumor.

Until now. 

One of the few copies of the Caustic Window LP was listed on eBay, purchased as a Kickstarter project (with the blessing of James & Replex Records) and ripped for project supporters.

The LP has been relisted on eBay to raise money for charity.

Check out the tracks, via the playlist embedded above, and let us know what you think of the lost Caustic Window LP!


  • A1 – Flutey 8:25
  • A2 – Stomper 101mod Detunekik 7:29
  • B1 – Mumbly 5:37
  • B2 – Popeye 1:21
  • B3 – Fingertrips 4:19
  • B4 – Revpok 3:44
  • B5 – Afx Tribal Kik 1:11
  • C1 – Airflow 5:09
  • C2 – Squidge In The Fridge 4:13
  • C3 – Fingry 4:55
  • C4 – Jazzphase 4:27
  • G1 – 101 Rainbows (Ambient Mix) 8:53
  • G2 – Phlaps 3:52
  • G3 – Cunt 4:20
  • G4/5 – Phone Pranks 2:21

27 thoughts on “Stream Aphex Twin’s Unreleased ‘Caustic Window’ LP

  1. Christ I hope this comes out in some format we can actually purchase (besides the insanely rare vinyl). Now that it’s online, why not? TAKE MY MONEY RICHARD!

    1. I’d be surprised if this isn’t already being liberally fileshared.

      I’d rather support musicians, though, and don’t trust my computer with filesharing sites, co I’d like to see this available as a download someplace, too.

      1. It was available as a download. The only reason it’s on youtube/filesharing sites is because the owner of the forum We Are The Music Makers arranged a kickstarter for fans to legally own a digital copy of the vinyl test pressing. It made 60k+ (with the goal set to only 9k or something to purchase the vinyl on discogs). This was meant to be a one time thing… a treat for hardcore fans to get to hear this material that was planned to never be released. It was posted on blogs all over the internet while the kickstarter was going. If you slept through that, there’s no way to get the album officially even though it’s obviously out there for illegal consumption.

        1. Didn’t sleep thru it, I just think Rephex may as well release it online at the very least to get the support of their fans and have a legit copy.

            1. “did you read what I said? The kickstarter was the way for fans to have a legit copy… that’s the point.”

              YOU are missing the point.

              Insisting that people that would like to support your work and buy your music go back in time and take part in a Kickstarter project (which wasn’t intended to support RDJ by the way) is pretty bass-ackwards in this day and age.

              Also, the fundraiser is a little skeezy – they say ‘a portion’ of the money raised will go to charity. Is that like Lady Gaga’s charity that raised 2 million dollars and actually only spent $5k on charitable donations?

              1. Huh? Who is insisting that anyone should do that?

                Not sure what you’re mad about. If you didn’t contribute to the kickstarter, you can’t have a legal copy (unless you buy the original vinyl on ebay). If you wanna follow the rules and aren’t OK with pirating it, your only other option is not to listen to it.

                Aphex Twin hasn’t released any music officially since Analords right? So since 2005ish I don’t think he’s insisting that you do anything to support his work.

                1. Not mad – but your earlier post did basically mock people who did not get in on the kickstarter.

                  There are a lot of people who like to buy music and know that some of the money, at least, is going to the musician that created it. That was not possible with this kickstarter project and is unfortunately not possible now.

                  1. Wasn’t mocking people who didn’t get in on the kickstarter. Was mocking people who didn’t get in on the kickstarter and just expect there to be another way for them.

                    Like I said, if you’re not OK with listening to it illegally/without paying the artist, don’t listen to it.

  2. It’s already known that Richard (and his partner at Rephlex) planed all this. Richard wanted to buy a musical gadget specifically done for him through some Belgium guy, and that had a price. The same price asked for the vinyl on eBay. This was a marketing thing made by Richard.

    He got the money he wanted (and even more) through all this campaign.

    Anyone who frequently uses WATMM can confirm this.

      1. LOL you are not wrong, the whole thing smells of shiiite! I have been listening to his stuff and loving it, since I was very young, lol ie when it first came out. This sounds like it could have been made last Thursday and we all know it. Still it is a groovy tune but not for 23000 akkers FFS 😉

  3. Only really interesting for the novelty factor and for completists who want to have everything.

    RDJ’s work is extremely uneven. Not sure why he gets that obsessive fanboys – maybe some of the love for his stuff really should go to Chris Cunningham, who’s Aphex Twin videos were admittedly brilliant.

      1. I guess we will have to agree to disagree.

        Aphex Twin’s music is all production and style and very little songwriting in the traditional sense. his lyrics are little more than chants and the music is only ‘experimental’ if you have no knowledge of the last 40 years of electronic music.

        He did some great music videos with Chris Cunningham though.

        1. “All production and style”

          4 hours of Analord is live hardware with very little production, including no mastering. Most of his releases are fairly un-slick as far as production goes, especially when compared to today’s electronic releases.

          Not that it matters, it’s like saying Mozart was all ideas on paper. There are plenty of great artist making amazing music that relies heavily on production.

        2. “and very little songwriting in the traditional sense.” errrrr…..I think you missed the point that your statement precisely explains (one reason) why his music is so loved. I don’t think people are drawn to his music for his traditional song structure. lol

    1. Funny, I always thought his music was brilliant and the videos were just novelty. Horses for courses I guess

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