Twisted Tools Debuts Darkmorph Sound Library

Twisted Tools, the San Francisco-based software instrument and sound library company, has released Darkmorph, a new “sci-fi” sample library, focused on cinematic sound design and “dark groove” production.

Darkmorph features drums, impacts, bass morphs, pass-bys, ambience, user interface and robotic sounds, derived from both field recordings and designed sounds.

The package is made up of over 2.9GB of 24bit/96kHz metadata enriched .WAV files, along with the MP16e sampler for Reaktor and presets kits for Maschine, Ableton, EXS24, Battery, Kontakt and Reaktor.

TwistedTools_Darkmorph_MP16e_Lemur_TemplateMain Features:

  • >2.9 Gigabytes of sound effects and designed sounds
  • 24bit/96khz .WAVs
  • Soundminer-enriched metadata
  • Files can be used with almost any media software application or DAW
  • Maschine-ready metadata
  • Sampler instrument presets for Maschine, Ableton Live 9, Battery, EXS24, Kontakt, Maschine and Reaktor
  • A brand new version of Twisted Tools’ MP16 sampler, called the MP16e

TwistedTools_Darkmorph_VideoSound Categories:

  • Ambience
  • Bass
  • Cinematic Matter
  • Drums
  • Glitched
  • Metal
  • Pass By
  • Robotical
  • Scanned
  • Special
  • User Interface

TwistedTools_Darkmorph_MP16e_Reaktor_EnsembleReaktor MP16e Features:

  • 16 Voice Polyphonic Sampler
  • Pad-style layout
  • Unique parameter and modulation settings for per voice
  • Sample Rate Reduction, Bit Reduction and Delay FX per Voice
  • Note repeat effect per voice
  • Two LFOs per voice
  • BPM Sync
  • Lemur OSC Template by Antonio Blanca

Darkmorph was developed for Twisted Tools by Jason Cushing and Yan David, both senior sound designers for video games as well as the co-founders of sound effects company SoundMorph.

Here’s an official audio demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Darkmorph sample library is available now via the Twisted Tools shop for $69. For more information, or to purchase, check out the Twisted Tools website.

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    1. Amon Tobin was late to the party – Richard Devine’s been doing this type of stuff for a long time and really he owes a lot to Subotnick.

  1. I’ve had good luck with Twisted Tools sample libraries, especially the recent Richard Devine library. Consistently high quality sound libraries & excellent UI’s.

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