27 thoughts on “How To Trim and Chop Samples In iMPC Pro

  1. pretty impressive. really like the clean interface. i want to know how this thing interfaces with other equipment, or if it does. looks like you can have a good time with just this tho.

  2. Some may say “shut up and an release it”, but I kind of appreciate the tutorials so that I can (hopefully) hit the ground running on launch day. (I’m now preparing for the mandatory 40 downvotes… 😉

    1. I wouldn’t really consider these as tutorials. I don’t mind waiting for release as long as it doesn’t have bugs (well major ones anyway)

      1. Ok, maybe “tutorial” wasn’t the right word.
        Extended demonstration videos? Does that sit better?

        Either way, it’s shaping up to be everything I wish iMaschine should have been. 😉

        1. Derp. grammar. Take two.
          I wish iMaschine had been given as much care and attention as this app has received. There are so many awesome possibilities in Maschine2 but their iOS app has fallen behind in an embarrassing way. (kind of like the hardware MPCs in the post-Maschine/software era)

          1. hahahahahahaa looks like the flagship machine devs are afraid of the sequencing power of this little iPad app, serves you guys right for selling that oversized paperweight of a useless sequencer for $1000.00, even at $799 it deserves to be clapped.
            and please don’t make the Clapper tell you in public how many things this ipad app sequencer can do that the maschine studio cannot, it’s embarrassing.

            1. Yeah. I’m also looking forward to the next video where John-Paul demos the iMPC Pro hosting and sequencing a VSTi. Take that, Maschine Studio! Oh, wait, you know this is a Retronyms app, right? iMPC Pro, while impressive for an iPad app, is not in the same league as Maschine Studio. If you have an embarrassing list of thing iMPC Pro can do that Maschine Studio cannot, please do share.

              1. I’m starting to think that this may be one of those apps that may make people look at the iPad in a new way. I’m holding out judgement until this is released – but there’s no reason why an iPad MPC couldn’t be more usable and powerful than a hardware one. It’s just a matter of Akai and Retronyms getting the UI right.

                You’ll still need a hardware controller, if you want that feel and velocity sensitive pads, but this looks like it will be a great mobile system and then be great with a pad controller in the studio.

                The big question for me is – will they come up with a good workflow for working with desktop DAWs?

              2. if you’re idea of the best thing a midi sequencer can do is host other programs then I won’t even bother cause you probably wouldn’t understand anyway, you probably think ableton live is just another feature of maschine lol

                  1. couldn’t be further from the truth, you didn’t compare the sequencers, you just mentioned that maschine could host vst, take your own advice and actually say something about the subject instead of trying to use slight of hand, it’s transparent.

                    1. I’m just asking “the Clapper (to) tell (me) in public how many things this ipad app sequencer can do that the maschine studio cannot.” If you’re unable to, consider yourself clapped.

  3. I wouldn’t have bothered doing this but I have a rather pathetic sense of humour and was dropped on my head when I was a child. I might also add that it’s defo a WTFL;DR so if you can’t be bothered: he gets the girl, everybody has a jolly old time at the wedding and nobody dies in mysterious circumstances.
    I hope no one is too offended 🙂

    The following is a fictional phone conversation between…well, guess.

    Hello, is that ****? It’s US here….We’ve got a great idea to shift all those ‘fly’ things that are stacked to the rafters in your warehouses all over the planet.
    What we propose is…..we totally rip-off all the best features from Samplr, Nanostudio, Hokusai, Beatmaker 2, well all the best apps on the platform and build an app …..yeah…….like we’ve invented them…….that’s right…….anyway……the app that we should have built the first time…well no, not that good…..yes of course it’ll have missing features..yes PRO..anyway, the app that should have shifted the ‘fly’s….the reason you made them in the first place, oh yeah…ouch – our bad!
    Anyhoo, then we get a well known and very well respected sound designer to create a kak load of samples and charge two or three times the price of the first one…probably three….because…PRO…plus we’ve got such a great reputation…..and so do you….that’s right.

    The best bit though, and you’ll love this, we’re gonna get the most annoying hyper-active, can’t stay still for a millisecond bloke, with the personality of a dish cloth…..yup hands gestures constantly……yes….lol…off putting to say the least….yes, he’ll host these video ‘teasers’, mmm yes and we make some weird comical remark about the guy’s beard….yes….beard and demo all the great features, like copy and paste and….yeah basic editing……and it’ll have a duck with a hat….DUCK….right…..about twenty of em, that will build anticipation and excitement, then we go right past that…..way past! Yup, about twenty…..correct…two….zero.

    No, lol, we won’t be supporting Audiobus – you mad bruh? We’re gonna call it stand alone…..yeah, I know that practically every iOS musician uses it and there are like 500 apps that support it, but instead we’re gonna go with ACP and IAA…..yes….yes…no….we’ll get it right this time….honest….lol.
    So waddya think?……I know, pure gold right?!……and the best thing…..we won’t be supporting the thing past a few minor bug fixes……yes….as per usual….yeah….OK then, all the best….bysee bye.
    THE END.

    1. The real questions are : why would a 3rd party dev be forced to support a competing 3rd party conduit? Why is IOS users still forced to rely to a 3rd party conduit to do such a basic computing task? And finally when will Apple really step up this game?

      Anyway, I really don’t know why they are even trying to hype this app in here, as obviously everyone hates it here.

    2. where’s that guy who was making all the votes with multiple ip addresses? I need him to click the like button for me

  4. if these guys pay for the advertisement, it’s fine with me. this website needs to make a living, too.

    otherwise, i do not need to be informed by a video about every single feature. separately. again. and again.

  5. i wonder how much the graphics guy is getting paid…
    or the filming/editing crew…
    thats a lot of ‘output’ with no actual… output.

    1. I thought this was the best of their preview videos so far, actually. It digs in pretty deep for 15 minutes. If anybody doesn’t have a pretty good idea what they’re getting when this drops, it’s not going to be Retronyms’ fault.

      Teasing this out over 6 weeks is a little annoying, but I much prefer it to the developers that put out $20-30 apps and don’t do any audio or video demos. The apps may have great specs, but I want to actually SEE what an app does or HEAR what a synth sounds like before I buy it.

      Seems obvious, but too many developers blow it off.

  6. Totally agree LGS. I don’t want to see 30 second dubstep fancy motion-graphics teasers for products – I want to see what the apps are capable of, the workflow, solid feature demos, etc. I have to hand it to Retronyms for doing a great job on this. This is one of the first apps that have really made me want to go out and buy an iPad, and it is directly related to how much effort, energy, and enthusiasm has gone into this pre-launch demo/tutorial campaign. Mind you, I’ll still wait for 3rd party app reviews before buying an iPad and this app, but it looks pretty damn promising. I think this app plus Samplr, Thor, Lemur, and Animoog has me almost convinced to jump into iOS world.

    Kudos to Retronyms graphic design team as well. Looks very slick, subtle, mnml.

  7. the only thing this app needs is skilled beatmakers. the iMPC pro is aimed at serious producers and performers who can use this app “as is”, not toward those who wish to hide behind audiobus fx

    You may or may not like the video teasers, if you don’t like em, don’t watch em!

    A tool is a tool and an app is an app, kudos to Retronyms for being professional and not selling out to the audiobus bullies:)

    This app will sell big period! They got their game on with this one!

    1. “Being professional and not selling out to the AudioBus bullies”?

      What the hell does that even mean?

      There are 500 music apps that support AudioBus, most of them serious music apps.

      By not supporting it, Retronyms doesn’t look professional, they look petty. They look like they’re trying to undermine a third party standard, or that they are trying to revive their dead-end closed system app, Tabletop.

      IMPC Pro May we’ll sell big, because there’s interest in a good mpc app. But if it doesn’t deliver a great workflow, it’s going to be one more strike against Akai and Retronyms in the minds of anyone interested in serious music apps.

      1. You miss the point, it is a standalone but for those who want to marry it to other apps it has interapp audio and will copy paste to/ from other apps

        You want it to wash your dishes too?

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