7 thoughts on “Jamie Lidell Explains His Live Set-Up

  1. Not a big fan of the beatboxing usually, but Lidell manages to be very musical and not too gimmicky. Very interesting demo!

  2. Wasn’t the Tim Exile stuff released in pieces? The Mouth, the Finger (were there others?) Reaktor modules that would play nice with the free reaktor player.

    Is this just that (plus some extra tidbits here and there)? Or is there some other top secret Tim Exile stuff that Jamie Lidell has his hands on?

    A little more technical info would be appreciated, but all in all a good video.

  3. I’ll always love this side of the Lidell, the improvising looper. The first time I saw him was on a Warp tour with the London sinfonietta, squarepusher, etc. back in 2004. Jamie Lidell had his setup on the side of the stage and did his thing, after the gig I saw local musicans milling around outside. All they were talking about was him, his improvisational quick thinking, how in the moment it all was. All of us with our complex midi setups felt like we’d seen the sermon on the mount.

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