Trevor Horn + ZTT Announce ‘Ultra-Deluxe’ ‘Inside The Pleasure Dome’

inside.the-pleasuredomeProducer Trevor Horn has announced Inside The Pleasure Dome – an “ultra-deluxe” box set celebrating the 30th anniversary of Welcome To The Pleasuredome by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

The deluxe release is being produced as a Pledgemusic crowdfunded project.

“We want to take you Inside The Pleasuredome to explore Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Trevor Horn’s greatest work,” explains compiler Ian Peel. “So we’ve dreamed up the most ultra-deluxe box set possible. Can we make this dream a reality? Pledge via the website – and we can, and you can get this strictly limited edition visual, tactile and audio release in your hands.”

Here are the details:

Inside The Pleasuredome will come in a 12”-sized, 2.5”-deep box, containing ten bespoke elements, including:

  • A 2014 vinyl edition of the original album, remastered at Sarm Studios by Trevor Horn and his 2014 team, pressed on 180g audiophile vinyl and packaged in a unique die-cut sleeve designed to frame one of three accompanying prints by original Pleasuredome sleeve artist, Lo Cole.
  • A set of three 10″ singles compiling previously unreleased mixes of Relax, Two Tribes, The Power of Love and various album tracks.
  • A 48-page hardback book celebrating the artwork of Welcome To The Pleasuredome, with contributions from Paul Morley and photographers John Stoddart and Peter Ashworth
  • A DVD compiling the classic Pleasuredome videos by Godley & Creme and 5.1 surround sound audio mixes of the singles and album tracks
  • A 13-track, 90-minute cassette anthology of Relax remixes; and a frame-by-frame flipbook of a rare Frankie animated film

All the music from the bespoke vinyl and cassette elements will also come with a download code.

Inside The Pleasure Dome is available via the Pledgemusic site for £122.

7 thoughts on “Trevor Horn + ZTT Announce ‘Ultra-Deluxe’ ‘Inside The Pleasure Dome’

  1. I’m against this box set. It’s just way too easy for governments to use that cassette of Relax mixes to violate the Geneva Convention protocols for prisoner treatment.

  2. What about Holly Johnson and The Boys?
    The emphasis seems to be on Trevor Horn and that clown Morley .
    Morleys self obsession is quite likely to push out the band in favour of his own part in it .
    Holly Johnson and the band , ZTT production yes.
    Morley give it a rest mate.

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