Korg DSN-12 Puts An ‘Analog Synthesizer’ On Your Nintendo 3DS


Detune and Korg have introduced Korg DSN-12 Analog Synthesizer, a new app that brings twelve virtual analog monophonic synths to the 3DS.

Korg DSN-12 software features a retro UI and makes use of the Nintendo 3DS stylus. The app will allow users to create up to 64 patterns and then chain them together.

Detune also notes that the app will offer the world’s first 3D display oscilloscope on the Nintendo 3DS.

Here are official video previews for Korg DSN-12:

Korg DSN-12 ‘Disco’:

Korg DSN-12 ‘Lissajou’:

Korg DSN-12 is scheduled for release in September. Pricing and other details are to be announced.

31 thoughts on “Korg DSN-12 Puts An ‘Analog Synthesizer’ On Your Nintendo 3DS

  1. I love the korg ds10. Don’t know if I really want to plop down any money for a new “Game Boy” though, as I found no other use for the nintendo ds.

    1. i think if it’s in the nintendo eshop i’ll be tempted.

      at that point is’t basically the same price as a volca, i think?

  2. Very cool, Korg continue to put out interesting, fun music products both hardware and software.

    I would really like to see the Legacy M1 VST ported to iPad though!!

  3. The detune page makes no mention of being able to record parameters via XY-koasspad. I really hope they didn’t drop that feature.

  4. Really tired of digital synths being called analogs. This is the sort of thing is why so many synthesists are confused about the technologies.

    Call it a subtractive synthesizer or a virtual analog!

    At least this doesn’t have one of those ‘fake hardware synth’ user interfaces.

  5. Cool. I bought DS10 and M01D. Don’t use M01D that much, but DS10 is awesome. Will be interested to see how this improves on DS10.

  6. Because Google Translate can be entertaining….
    from the Detune site: http://www.detune.co.jp/korg_dsn12_jp.html

    Main specifications of KORG DSN-12
    Product Name: KORG DSN-12 (Korg Dee SN well-to-breakfast)
    June 25, 2014: started broadcasting
    Price: 3,800 yen (tax included)
    Publisher: Corporation DETUNE
    (Only the handling of the Nintendo eShop) Nintendo 3DS download-only software:

    Product Description
    • 12 units equipped with virtual analog monophonic synthesizer
    Sequence maximum step number 64
    • The freely configurable on the pattern of up to 64 each sequence
    Mute program 99 scenes for maximum chain, each of the tracks also allow a pattern by the pattern program mode
    • Selection Effect 3 system implementation, delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, kick, out of the reverb
    , The exchange of data and timbre of music between users by local communication
    – (As of June 2014 * Nintendo 3D software) Lissajous mode deployment world’s first * 3D display oscilloscope screen, and wave

  7. ipad 1 running korg ims20
    dsixl runing DS10+
    monotron delay
    3ds running DSN-12

    SWEEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wish i could travel back in time to the 90’s with this gear

  8. Is this twelve different monophonic synthesizers? A la a sort of Legacy Collection? Or twelve iterations of the same DS-10 looking synthesizer? Because the DS-10+ can already do four at once (that’s the chip DS-10+; I don’t know if the download has the same functionality.) And multiple DS units can wirelessly connect for concert play. I’m not happy with the downloads because I would have to dump something I’ve already installed, whereas the chip doesn’t rock the boat. Twelve different synths might make this worth looking at. If it’s only more of the same then, eh, wow. I already have a pocket oscilloscope.

    1. Agree but there are a couple of key differences on display here, actually. Notice how you never get a scruffy (in a good way!) looking dude like that presenting a roland product unless it’s an endorsing artist. And that demo tune is funky as hell 😀 Roland demos are always so sterile.

  9. Cheesus! I have been dreaming of this! Now, make synth for Wii U too; writing music with that sequencer, stylus and a bigger screen would make me eternally happy!

    Make it a Korg Legacy Collection, or something really powerful, and I’d pay 100€.

  10. There are many other videos already in Youtube….and I’ve just realized there’s some relevant difference with DS-10/DS-10+. There is no dedicated drum track this time. That means you have to make your drums out of the 12 regular tracks and they all are synthesized in real time. On DS-10 the drum sounds were sampled and then triggered.The pretty basic pitchshifting was actually quite useful to get some very distinctive melodic sounds and FX. I’m gonna miss it…but, oh well, since this one is a downloadable title, there’s actually no need to take the DS-10 cartridge out, and at least a very little weird reason to keep it in.

    1. Yes I know, I made orc hits and real ahhh chorus, hammond organ sounds with the sampler. But with the new PWM for osc1 and the new added FX we can probably get used to not have sample anymore and recreate these sounds with pitch bend!

      At least now we should be able to save a huge number of files and patches and share the online, the song limit and patch limit is killing me.

  11. Very cool! I will buy it first day. Lets hope there wont only be more of the same. The 3 effect combinations can perhaps produce cool new sounds! Did it have FM?

  12. I love these DS synths, I buy the consoles just to get them. I just really wish the had some drum samples built in though. I love to synthesize drums, don’t get me wrong, but it can be a pain to get the sound I’m looking for sometimes.

  13. This really captured my attention although I am looking at the actual synth based on the MS-10. Isn’t that a bit limited? No filter env.? What about oscillator quality etc..?

  14. On second thought, the engine looks sufficient enough considering it,s a Nintendo console although I wonder about the sound quality (aliasing, low end). It looks like the 3DS has a new DAC which improved the sound from the previous gen…guess will have to wait until September.

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