eaReckon TransReckon Lets You Customize The ‘Shape’ Of Sounds

eaReckon has introduced TransReckon – a transient shaper, designed to add punch to your drum lines or to put some instruments forward (or backward) in an efficient way.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

TransReckon provides ‘Length’ and ‘Sensivity’ controls, a ‘Listen’ mode, a ‘Flat Sustain’ option and an integrated brickwall limiter.

These options help to go further with the transient shaping process. They can be used to reduce artefacts when processing specific instruments (guitars, …) but they also offer new creative possibilities (gate and “pre-delay” effects on a natural reverb).

While it is possible to process transients with classic dynamics effects, these rely on a defined threshold which is set manually depending on the incoming signal. If the input level is modified later or if your drummer does not hit his drums at a constant velocity (which is usually a good idea, musically speaking), the transients processing can be more complex to achieve.

A transient processor like TransReckon does not depend on the level of the incoming signal.

TransReckon is available as a 32/64 bit VST and AU plug-in for Mac & Windows for 39 EUR through July 22nd, 2014 (regular 59 EUR). A demo version is also available.

11 thoughts on “eaReckon TransReckon Lets You Customize The ‘Shape’ Of Sounds

  1. Probably a neat tool, but their registration and authorization system is the product of an insane, paranoid mind. Two user accounts, verification for each of them, and a serial number verification before downloading the product. Then, you install the product and run it to generate a hardware key associated with your machine. You enter that key on their website to associate your license and generate an authorization code. You enter the authorization code, your hardware key, and your serial number in the product, which downloads a key file and then runs.

    This is imbecilic.

    1. Yes. but this audio design and interface is the result of a visionary, fearless mind. So many transient shapers are timid, have a narrow range and get distorted if pushed to their limits. This shaper starts where others end, and is exactly what I have been looking for!

  2. Nothing in that list of “to-do’s” to authorize bugs me that much. I far prefer a one-time set of hoops to jump through to using some kind of iLock or other system.

    Perhaps the developer had gotten burned with piracy in the past.

    The software demo is quite impressive. With just a few controls you get quite a bit of functionality.

    There was a free plug, I think it was called “flux” (?) that had fewer controls. I didn’t end up using it much.

    1. Pirates will pirate. You can’t stop them. So why annoy me, the person who is standing there shouting ‘take my money’ ?

      1. Well, that’s how anti-piracy works. Software sellers/developers inconvenience the buyer a little bit in order to protect their investment of time and effort.

        Some registration processes are more simple/transparent than others. But I don’t know if developers need to license some forms of protection (which my be costly) so they roll their own, or they sub-contract development of that part of the software. That’s the world we’re in.

        I far prefer it to the “app store” paradigm where Apple/Google take a cut of everything.

        1. “Well, that’s how anti-piracy works. Software sellers/developers inconvenience the buyer a little bit in order to protect their investment of time and effort.”
          But DRM doesn’t work. It’s a false sense of protection.

  3. Thanks for the article and thanks for sharing your thoughts about the authorization system.
    There is two different ways to authorize the plugin and it can be confusing the first time.
    You don’t have to authorize the plug-in twice, of course, but you have to use one of them.
    However, the plug-in itself does not download anything.

    Here is how it works.

    New users can authorize the plug-in via a classic Challenge/Response process.
    The Challenge/Response authorization tool is immediately available online after the registration of the serial number in your user account.
    The procedure is:
    – Register your serial number in your user account to access the download
    – Install the plug-in and launch it to get your hardware ID.
    – Register your hardware ID to get your authorization code.
    – Enter both your serial number and your authorization code in the plugin to authorize it.
    This method is widely used by pro audio software company but I assume it is not a fun thing.
    This is why the second option has been provided so legit users are not annoyed with it.

    2. *OR* KEY FILE
    Once your details have been verified after the registration of a first serial number, the “key file” option is *manually* activated on your user account.
    After that, you do not have to go through the Challenge/Response process anymore.
    The authorization is not hardware-dependent then and the procedure is very simple:
    – Download your (watermarked) key file.
    – Press the ‘Load Key File’ button (plug-in interface) and select this downloaded file.
    – Press OK.
    Once you have a key file, you don’t have to register anything online, never, and you can be sure you will have the possibility to authorize the plug-in whatever happens to eaReckon or computers. Again, the plug-in never calls home (it cannot communicate with any network).

    While new users can be confused by the classic Challenge/Response method, they usually love the Key File thingy after then.
    No dongle, no internet connection required, no time-based certificate, nothing… just a tiny file that will allow you to authorize the plug-in forever.
    This “Key File” option is based on mutual trust and while it has been thought to not annoy legit users with authorization issues, I can definitely not provide such a file to an anonymous user.

    Regarding accounts, Customer and User accounts are not linked for more privacy and security.
    Both accounts have to be validated by emails for basic anti-spam related reasons but also because if you don’t receive the validation email from your customer account, you will not receive your serial number neither.
    All of this does surely not lead to impulse purchases but I do prefer this over the confusion resulting from a serial number that never arrives after the validation of a payment.
    Even if the support service is very responsive, it would be extremely stressfull to pay for something and then receive nothing (because of a typo in a provided but not validated email address, for example), even for just some hours.

    Finally, should you have any problem with the registration process, please feel free to contact me via the contact form at eaReckon and I will be happy to help.

    Thanks again!
    Best Regards,

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