Jean Michel Jarre Performs Oxygene Live

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live studio performance by Jean Michel Jarre and his band of his 1976 synth classic, Oxygène

In the full-length performance, Jarre and his band play a massive collection of classic synths, set up in a bare warehouse-like room. The focus is on the music and the performers, not on fancy lighting or visuals.

The Oxygene Live In Your Living Room performance was released in 2007 in several different editions, including CD, DVD & 3D DVD.

via Jarre98

8 thoughts on “Jean Michel Jarre Performs Oxygene Live

  1. i have seen this show live in Antwerpen, Belgium… it was great.. and loved then the fact Jean Michel Jarre went back to his musical roots …. and analog gear

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